Month: November 2018


What to Buy For the Dom Who Has Everything

What do you buy for the Dominant that has everything for a Christmas present? It is never easy and I often wrack my brain for something original. I mean you have to be observant and watch them through the months leading up to Christmas or their birthday. You also need to be stealthy. I am hopeless at keeping secrets and usually cave under pressure. I am improving and so is S. he doesn’t put so much pressure on me.


The Other Side of Christmas

ust as it is a true thing to say Christmas is fun, there is the other side of the coin and to some people it can be the saddest or loneliest of times. It is to those of you that I am speaking to.


The Silly Season

I am not sure how many of you know I am from Australia but I moved to the US to be with my darling S. It was a big decision to make but one I thought well worth effort. He has a lot of family and I brought mine with me. I just didn’t have the roots there that he does here.


Expectations vs Reality

When a new relationship forms or an established relationship changes we all have expectations of what we want. When that relationship concerns B.D.S.M. you will have preconceived ideas. I mean why would you want it if you didn’t have any ideas of what you find erotic.

For You.

This is just a small thing for two of the dearest people I know. You know who you are  ❤  ❤ . This is in place of my magic wand, because I lost that darn thing last year and I have looked all over the place for it. It had a unicorn hair in it and so it was so very rare. Maybe you … Read More For You.



The idea of tickling to most people sounds like fun and you might dissolve into giggles. Try to imagine if you were tied up and someone tickled you, there would be no way to stop them. Prolonged tickling can even become painful. Would it still be fun?


Open Communication

I was thinking about my life and something struck me as quite wonderful. At the beginning of my BDSM life there was no place I could go to talk or ask questions. I met with other submissives it’s true but they weren’t in the habit of giving advice.  There was no easy place to meet new people or to find a prospective submissive or … Read More Open Communication


Things That Tickle My Funny Bone

I read a very funny post from Katkinx, it was part of her 30 Days of Kink challenge.
It made me think about myself and S, because we both enjoy humour and we are always laughing, even if it is during a scene. The time that it usually happens is after a scene when we collapse on the bed or floor and the first thing we say, as we are gasping for air is, ‘Pass the oxygen please!’


Real Life vs Blog World

I apologise for not posting much recently but real life has got in the way. One of the biggest thing that has been taking up so much time is physical therapy. After chemo I was left thin and weak. I had to start a weight gaining diet and because of my diabetes I couldn’t do all the fun things. I had to eat healthily.


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