This is something that I find very erotic and powerfully sexual. The thought of being naked on a balcony, leaning on the rail while S. fucks me silly is a big fantasy. The thought someone might see drives me crazy and we would continue with the scene not caring who may see, makes me so excited I can barely breathe. Unfortunately, our home doesn’t have a balcony. When we travel, I hope we are in a hotel, up from ground level and it has a balcony. I am not game enough to do it on the ground floor.


I know S. shares this fantasy with me because, well, he loves what it does to me.

 A mild form of exhibitionism is wearing my collar and a leash when we go out to the shops or for a coffee. I am proud to wear my collar but I do blush when people stare. That is part of the whole event. I am showing the world how much I love my beloved S.

 S. loves me to wear short skirts when we go out and as I never wear panties in some circumstances I often find myself exposed to people. You get different reactions. Men like it usually but women… not so much. As long as I don’t get church types telling me I am going to hell, I am ok with it. If anyone does make a scene S. steps in or I say, ‘if you don’t like it don’t look.’

 I am not shameless in this and can be hard to do it. I don’t wear super short skirts so I am quite decent. I will do all I can to keep myself covered too. It is just the thrill of perhaps being seen.

 I also love going into the woods to have a picnic. No one has to see me, the thought someone might is enough. I love stripping off completely and I honestly feel like a creature of the wild and yes, we make love. I am also terrified a bear might stumble onto us ~ wink ~ but S. assures me that won’t happen. So hey guys, if you find yourself in the American mid-west and you see a wild woman running in the woods you know who it is.

 We live in the country so there are numerous quiet roads and on a journey in the car S. will pull over and fuck me on the car. I find that wonderful and exciting. I just pray the cops don’t catch us. ~ giggling ~.

There are many ways to experience your own levels if this appeals to you. I find it delicious and wicked but that is just me. S. would never put me in danger, ever.

 I am also feeling more confident in going to Fet events and I think that will offer a chance to experience a level of exhibitionism. I do have to think about these things and be ready for it.

 It is also perfectly acceptable if you do not like the thought of this. Never let anyone try to make you do this. Never let anyone manipulate you into doing it either. It’s a personal choice.

 If it does appeal start small and build up to your own levels.

 Have fun with this guys but remember your safety is everything. Sometimes a fantasy is much better than real life.


S. and k


7 Comments on “Exhibitionism

  1. OOoooo I’ve always loved the idea of naked in the woods, unfortunately I’m allergic to anything ‘green’! 😛 *chuckle* One of those fantasies that’s best left at that, a fantasy!


  2. I love having a balcony when we are away, it plays into my exhibitionist nature too. I am of the opinion that few people would even notice since they tend not to look up.

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  3. Finally my day slowed down enough to comment. You got so lucky today darling you didn’t have to take my mother shopping in the city! I love your exhibitionist street especially shopping with you and on the balcony I’ve never seen an exhibitionist blush so prettily before it’s amazing


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