Well this may be a great shock to most of you, kitten has taken the day off, what she doesn’t know is I’m posting. Yes, she thinks I’m off doing something, you know guy related. I read something today and it was a comment on a friend of ours post. Her husband was apologising about not catching on quickly enough, not noticing right away. I don’t personally know this man, but I’ve heard enough stories to know him to be a good man, a caring, loving man. I got to thinking about being a Dom and how hard we can be on ourselves sometimes, ok all the time. I mean if we plan a play date in the woods it’s our fault if it rains isn’t it guys? That man was feeling guilty for missing some of his partner’s signs and I found my self agreeing with him whole heartedly. Then I thought on it a minute and decided you know we all miss things everyday, and it’s ok. It’s not what you miss it’s about what you do when you find out. I don’t mean apologizing over and over, but absorbing the information and making things better. Beating yourself up does no good, being attentive and changing direction does, communication does.


Being a dominant is hard. No one is perfect, and we shouldn’t strive for perfection just progression. That’s all I ever ask of kitten. She makes me happy simple by trying and I know I make her happy because I try that’s what makes us work. So that was my ramble. Now you see why I let kitten do the writing. You will now be returned to your regularly scheduled program…




This is kitten. My name appears as the author but that is simply because S. doesn’t know how to publish on here yet lol.

7 Comments on “Thoughts From The Other Side

  1. It is so easy to think you are in 100% Dom mood and a perfect judge with you because you do it so naturally. This gave me an insight into the pressure Dominants come under. (Usually pressure from themselves) You are your very best when you are simply yourself. You aren’t expected to be ‘On’ all the time. Just snuggling on the sofa with you is magical. I love you just as you are and not if you did this or that. Right now, snuggled all up in bed, sleeping, you are perfect for me. Love you darling. kit ❤


    • Darling girl most things are easy with you. I don’t often feel pressure, but you know me always have to get it right. Here’s to our magic long may it last
      Love you

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  2. I’ve passed your message along, S. We all miss things and no one is perfect, there is no doubt about that. The truth is in the trying, at least it is for me.


    • Thanks kitten has been wanting me to write something for a while now, and I felt this needed more then just a comment hope it was helpful


      • I think you should write more often as well! *smiles*

        Our issue is the same as it has always been. I am a natural dominant (I hate the sounds of that but for this I think it explains things) and He is more than happy to let me take things on, I think you and I had a comment some time ago but that, being easy going and not really the step in kind of person.

        Sometimes things get to where I’m taking it ‘all’ on again and then the balance is off. My primary goal in writing the blog is to keep Him up to date on what’s happening in my head. I’m not the pointing fingers kind and I have no need to assign blame but the Bear knows that most of the energy for this has come from me, for a very long time now.

        I’m tired, my body run down and due to stress and physical issues my brain gets into a fog. I think my blog shows my attitude towards the Bear, but right now it’s time for Him to step up.


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