This is a subject close to my heart because before my cancer I had quite a few myself. They all had to be removed because of the radiology treatments and if I got an infection it would be hard to fight it. I would not have liked to have lost a nipple because my piercing got infected, not to mention my clitoris.

My first piercings were my ears like most people. I was very young too. When I was in my M/s relationship with my first Master I got a few more. He got my nipples pierced, and more earrings. He also got my nose pierced because he loved the East Indian piercing where a chain went from the ear lobe to the nose piercing. I felt so feminine when I wore the chain. He did not want any mouth piercings but there are some I like but I am reluctant because they can have the potential to damage your teeth so you have to be careful where you put them. The vote is out on a tongue piercing.  I am also thinking about having little ball piercings where dimples would be. I also had a nasal septum piercing and a it was a pretty little one.

Moving lower I had nipple piercings and I adored them. You can go with rings or bars and I preferred the rings because you can feel them moving when rubbing against your clothes. It seemed my nipples were always erect and sensitive. I had a belly piercing and I could put a ring in it so that I could wear a fine belly chain.

Even lower now. I had a piercing under my clit and I wore a ring but that little devil moved and rubbed until I was close to cumming. I changed it for a bar and that suited me wearing jeans much more. My labia is not pierced but there is a way I can have that done so my sex can be locked up. I will have to talk to S. about it when I have made up my mind.

I keep saying I will make up my mind but really, like my tattoos, Sir will have the last word.

Once I am past all the silly infections I am going to go and get them all done again.

As well as the ones in my ears I will have a few more than the single pair I am currently wearing. I want some put in the tops of my ears. I have to warn you, the ones though cartilage hurt way more than through the skin.

The nose ring will be in the side according to the rules. The one that says I am taken. I have to warn you the septum piercings hurt like the blazes and your eyes will water. Not a very sexy look.

My belly piercing hurt but not as much as you would think. I think they are one of the prettiest ones and look great with low slung clothing. It also looks sweet with a belly chain.

There is a new kind of piercing where you have rings set in long rows either side of your spine and you can thread ribbon through them and it looks like the lacings on a corset. I find them to look very sexy but you all might have different ideas about it. I have no idea if it hurts.

Now we get onto the sexy ones. Nipples first I think. Both men and women can have nipple piercings and I find them to be very arousing. I had mine put in deep to avoid nerve damage. You don’t want lose sensation and you do not want an infection causing your nipple to fall off.  ~giggling here~ It doesn’t happen very often but it isn’t unheard of. I feel if I don’t tell you about this I have not given you all the details and I am not doing a good job. I adore my nipple rings, when they are there, as the stimulation they give me is phenomenal. S. loves playing with them.

My belly piercing is the one that gets infected the easiest so I keep up cleaning it with salt water just to make sure.

Now we are going into the very sexy places you can pierce. For a man there is a Prince Albert (PA). I have heard that is painful to get but once healed it feels sensational. S. used to have one but he took it out. You can also get a Jacob’s ladder with is a row of bars along the penis. Okay guys, I am not that well informed to say any others so if you know any I missed please put them in the comments below because there a lot of men that come in.

Now for the female genitalia. This I know about. You can get labia piercings and there are so many ways you can do it. The rings and rods come in many gauges (thickness) and size. They can be small and they can be large. It is all about personal choice. I am a fan of the more dainty look and so is S. but there is nothing wrong with the thicker gauges.

Clitoral rings and bars need to be thought over carefully you can get a piercing through the hood over the clit or you can have one under the clit. I had one of the later and I enjoyed it very much. The ring drove me to distraction because walking and wearing snug pants stimulated me when I wore a ring. As I am not allowed to orgasm unless S. says ok it was very distracting. I changed to a bar and that was easy to cope with.

Basically you can get a piercing any place you have skin. I have even seen a girl with long nails having a piercing in the ends and they look pretty but I have no idea how practical they are.

Now after care…

Every piercing you have must be given the best of care. You might be talked into special sprays for cleaning but honestly I have found a strong solution of salty water to be the best. This is really a personal choice thing. You can use a spray but I prefer to use Q tips and use each one just one pass over the piercing. I use a few Q tips and always clean both sides of the piercing. If it becomes red or crusty, go back to your piercer. To begin with I clean each site at least four times a day but please ask your piercer for his advice. There is a chance you clean too much and it will get irritated.

Now the nuts and bolts… Choose your piercer carefully. Make sure the work area is clean. Watch what they do to cleanse your skin and look at their equipment to make sure it is clean. Ask him for a list of aftercare you can take with you. Do not judge their work on the brightness of their shop and not every little room at the back of a tattoo shop is bad. Ask around amongst your friends and see if they know where to go. I don’t go to a shop I have a man that is brilliant and I heard of him from my first Master. He was always clean, careful, made sure I know the risks and knew the aftercare. He also said he would tell my Master if I got an infection because it meant I had not looked after the wound site correctly and I should be disciplined. It made me very diligent.

Well I hope this has opened up enough into this subject to stimulate your imagination. If you have more questions don’t hesitate to ask.


S & K



2 Comments on “Piercings

  1. You know I loved all your piercings darling and can’t wait for you to get them back so you can be you again. Even if that does mean you have to be put through the exray machine at the airport. Just a minor correction at one time I had a Jacobs ladder not a prince Albert I’m not off my rocker crazy, but that was before I met you darling. I’ve always thought thought piercings are a perfect expression of self and I always told my kids growing up better a piercing then a tattoo you can always take a piercing out later in life. So what does my daughter do both a few piercings and six tattoos it only bothers me because she has more of both then I do. I still even at my age wear a double ought Gage in my ear


  2. I stand corrected darling. Thank you. Piercings always should be a personal choice and no one should be pushed into getting something they don’t want. I have heard the PA is very stimulating but again I have no knowledge about it. If you know about a PA or have one please feel free to comment. I bet there are people that would like to know how much it hurt and was it worth it.


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