Justin woke at about 2pm to find Cariad lain next to him just looking at him. He rubbed his eyes and yawned. Then he stretched languorously and sleepily asked, ‘How long have you been watching me?’


‘Long enough. You dream a lot.’


‘Reading my mind again?’


‘Oh, it is far too busy in there for me to read it’ she giggled.


Justin rolled onto his side and placed his hand possessively on her hip. Cariad reached out to his beard and smiled. ‘I like the two grey strips’ and she gave it a playful tug.


‘The product of getting old’ he grumbled.


‘Oh please, you are not old. You weren’t old last night.’


‘True. I still have no idea what happened last night.’


‘Neither do I but it was fun.’


Justin raises an eyebrow and asks, ‘Is that all it was, just fun?’


‘What would you call it?’


‘Fire, passion, angry, desperation.’ He was frowning. ‘You make me want to write songs.’

‘Now you are being romantic. Oh god please don’t tell me you are like Taylor Swift and write all about your romantic liaisons.’


‘You are being very rude, young lady. I can’t believe you likened me to a girl pop singer.’


‘So, what are you going to do about it?’


In the blink of an eye, Justin sits on the edge of the bed and drags Cariad over his lap. She squealed and she cried out, ‘You wouldn’t dare.’


‘You think not?’ and with that he spanked her ass.


‘Ow! You bastard!’


Again, he struck, but this time on the other side of her ass. Cariad kicked and squirmed, yelping every time he struck. However, she never gave any indication she wanted it to stop. He pepper the middle of her ass then down in the sit zone so she would remember this every time she sat down


Her ass had turned crimson and it spurred him on and each new slap grows in intensity. She was kicking her legs and trying to get up. He placed his hand on her back to hold her down and trapped her legs with his right one. He growled ‘The more you struggle the more I will keep on spanking.’


‘You bastard!’ she cried loudly.


Justin laughed and landed a hard slap.


It seemed to drive the air out of Cariad’s lungs but she didn’t cuss again.


Justin smiled to himself and ran his hand over her ass. Her skin was scalding but he could not resist slipping two fingers in her wet pussy. Cariad let her head hang and groaned softly. He ran his fingers down her spine and she shivered deliciously. He could not believe how deeply sexual this woman was. His fingers are slick with her juices and he wanted to fuck her so badly. He removed his fingers from her sex and slipped them in his mouth. He groans softly at the piquancy of her. He helped her to her feet and she looked confused.


Justin had a massive erection and he was acting as if it was over. Cariad frowned deeply but she remained quiet.


‘Let’s get clean and get dressed we are going out for a meal.’ He said.


‘Going out? But…. But…’


‘But what Cariad?’


‘I thought we were going to…’


‘Going to what?’ now he was smiling and Cariad got annoyed.


‘You know.’


‘I’ll run you a bath and I will have a shower.’ He got up and walked into the bathroom.


‘Justin!’ Her voice was high pitched and a little pained.

He peeked out of the bathroom and said, ‘You need to learn about delayed gratification and we need food.’


‘I’ll run my own damned bath’ she said grumpily.


Justin laughed and it was a rich delighted laugh.


Cariad stormed into the bathroom and Justin had put the plug into the bath and was running warm water into it. She stepped into the bath and sat down. Her ass was sore and sitting down made her suck in a pained breath. Justin had climbed in the shower and he turned on the cold tap and stepped under it. The shock of it made him gasp.


‘Good, I hope that cold water really stings.’


Justin laughed again and he said, ‘I would have thought your ass was sore enough, but if it isn’t I can make sure it is.’


Cariad wanted to swear and call him a string of expletives, but she held her temper. If he was wanting to play games she could play some of her own.


The cold shower worked for Justin but the bath does nothing to calm Cariad. She had never been like this and she could not understand why it was happening now. She had stumbled upon the concert and was struck by Justin’s ability to put so much emotion into his songs.


Cariad gets out of the bath and dresses in the same clothes she wore here. Justin then got out of the shower. He found fresh clothes and dressed, smiling when he see’s Cariad face. She gave him a forced smile which made him chuckle.


She said, ‘You are enjoying this.’


‘Actually I am. This is nothing like I have ever had with a woman.’


Cariad looked deep into his eyes and knew he wasn’t lying. His gaze tugged at her heart strings and she prayed this was more than physical attraction.

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  1. You have such a beautiful way with words and spin such an amazing story I’m mesmerized


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