They emerged from the bathroom clean and dry. Justin just could not get the delicate scent of her out of his senses. He felt drunk on her, that was the only way to describe how he felt. He hadn’t taken a drink for almost a year now but he still understood the thirst and it was like he was thirsty for her. They were both dressed in the hotel white towelling robes and they sat down.

He said, ‘I am starving, want to have something to eat too? We could do with the energy boost’ and he chuckled lowly.

‘Thank you. Can we order pizza?’

‘A girl after my own heart. Pizza it is.’ He went over to the phone and put in an order through room service.

He returned to the chair and sat down. He couldn’t stop looking at her. ‘Who are you Miss Cariad? Where are you from?’

‘I am Cariad Jones and I am from Wales’ she said, not offering more. She smiled widely.

‘You are a long way from home.’

‘Even more than you know’ she said cryptically.

‘So, what happens now, we share a night of hot sex and you go your way and I go mine?’

‘That really does depend on you.’ She grinned and then stood up and walked to him. She slipped onto his lap and put her right arm around his shoulder. She was desperate to be close to him again. She slipped her hand under his robe and says, ‘Your skin is a work of art, you have so many tattoos.’

‘Do you like them?’

Cariad frowned and said, ‘Yes I do. I have always loved good ink.’

There was a knock on the door and Cariad was lifted to her feet. Justin opened the door. He took the cardboard box and signed for it. He closed the door and walked back to the chair but Cariad had seated herself in the middle of the bed which is still a ruined mess from their love making. Justin raised an eyebrow but  got on the bed and sat across from her. She had crossed her legs but had strategically covered herself with her robe. Justin did the same thing. They began to eat and try to learn as much as they could of each other. Justin becomes aware that there is something held back in her.

He looks deep into her emerald eyes, ‘You don’t like to let too much of yourself out, do you?’

She gave a little giggle and then said, ‘I guess I don’t. I think is because I have no idea what this is. I mean it might turn out to be just a one-night stand. Then you don’t need to know much about me.’

‘Is that what you want, a one-night stand?’ He looked at her intently.

‘Well that is rather up to you.’

‘Why me?’

‘You could be on tour for ages or you might be jetting out to overseas I have no idea.’

‘We have one more show here then we get to go home.’

Because nothing has been said about this massive attraction they have for each other Cariad decides to bring it up. ‘I have never had anything like this happen to me before. I am not flighty or into meaningless sex. This is something I have never felt before. I love your music Justin but that is not why I am here. I am here because I couldn’t stay away.’ There was a look of concern on her face and her brows are knitted together.

Justin looked intently at her. He closed his eyes for a moment then said, ‘It feels the same for me. I looked for you after the show and it was a physical pain when I didn’t see you.’

‘Do you have a wife or a girlfriend? I couldn’t stand it if you did’

‘Nope. Do you?’

Cariad shook her head.

‘Then there is no one being hurt.’ Justin puts the pizza in the box on the floor. He stood up and extended his hand to help her off the bed. She stepped free and he looked down at her. He untied the belt of her robe and allowed it to slip from her shoulders to pool at her feet. That special scent rose up from her and he frowned. ‘You smell like flowers but I know you aren’t wearing perfume.’

She quickly said, ‘It must be the soap we used.’

He knew it isn’t that but he let it go. He placed his hands either side of her face and whispered ‘Don’t move, I want to look at you.’

‘Yes Sir’ she said cheekily.

‘Careful Cariad, I like the sound of that.’

She shivered at the tone in his voice. He began to circle her and she turned with him. He placed his hand on her shoulder to hold her in place. She closed her eyes, waiting for the inevitable. He stopped circling her and runs a finger down one of the marks on her back.  It started under the shoulder bone and it ran parallel to the spine. There was another one on the other side of the spine. Each one is about twelve inches long. The mark is almost an inch wide.

‘What is this?  Have you had surgery on your spine?’

Cariad hesitated for a few seconds then said, ‘You could call it a corrective thing.’

‘Does it hurt? I was pretty rough with you earlier.’

‘No, it is fine.’

Justin leant down and kissed both of the marks then he allowed his hand to run over her delicious ass. She was very slender but curvy in all the right places. She had a small tattoo of wings at the centre of the nape of her neck. He ran his fingers over it.

Her waist was impossibly small but her legs were perfect.

He said, ‘You are so tiny.’

‘Is that a problem?’ she asked, trying to turn but his hand held her in position.

Again, he leant close and said, ‘Not a problem for me.’ Each time he did that she jumped a little.

The weight of his hand on her shoulder felt like a token of ownership. Cariad frowned and thought, where did that come from? She ignored the thought and quickly said, ‘All my family are small’ in a whisper.

‘Are you frightened?’

‘A little nervous perhaps.’

‘Don’t be.’ Justin walked around her until he was back in front of her. His palms itch to cup her breasts, to feel between her legs to discover if she ass wet but he didn’t want to lose control again. This lady deserved his best.

She looked up at him and said, with a wide grin, ‘My turn.’

He slipped out of his robe and threw it over the chair. He stood with his feet about a shoulder width apart, his hands were at his side not hiding the fact he had a raging erection. He hung his head, not in embarrassment but to try and keep his desire under control.

Cariad placed a hand on his chest and her fingertip runs over his eagle tattoo. She could not fail to see his large hard cock. She wanted to have it inside her but she was not going to rush this. His skin was warm and firm but not chiselled. She preferred him as he was. Her finger tip grazed his nipple and his head lifted. His golden-brown eyes stared at her. They both had a whole conversation in that one look.

Cariad runs her fingers around him over his ribs and she laughed when he flinched because he is ticklish. ‘Mmmmm ticklish, that could be something for my arsenal.’

He chuckled and said, ‘So you think you will need weapons.’

‘I have a funny feeling I will.’ She laughed and then continued with her inspection. She smiled as he had a wonderful ass. Unable to stand still any longer, Justin spun around and scooped her up in his arms. She gave a little squeal and she put her arms around his shoulders.

He stood her up and looked down at her and asked, ‘Should I be careful with you? Treat you like a lady, and be gentle cos right now I am not sure if I can do that. I need you more than I needed you before.’

‘I am always a lady, except during certain activities. I can match you in anything.’

‘You might regret saying that.’

‘Don’t worry I can take care of myself so give it your best shot.’

Justin gave a low laugh then spun her around, running his hand up her spine and bending her over. ‘Hold your ankles. I won’t let you fall.’

She got into position and he put his foot between hers and spread her legs apart. But just a little. She has absolutely no hair on her sex and he could see the glistening juices gathered in the folds of her sex. She was so damned wet. The head of his penis slipped slickly inside her. He fought the urge to drive into her hard. She was so tight he didn’t want to hurt her he also needed to rein in this desperate need that was once more burning through his body.

She moaned softly, then made little mewling sounds of need. He knew what those sounds meant and couldn’t believe she was so close to cumming so quickly.

He said, ‘Don’t cum.’

In a tiny voice she said, ‘Yes Sir.’

Those two words almost obliterated his tenuous control. He groaned lowly and the drove into her hard. She whimpered softly. He could not understand what was happening between them but he wanted to hear those two words again. He wanted to put his hand around her throat, he wanted to possess her, own her and never let her go. He started to drive into her and she is crying out. He knows she wants to cum but she isn’t because he told her not to and that is such a powerful thing to know.

She is begging now and with a low growl he said, ‘Cum baby.’

Like a wave her orgasm rolled over her and she cried out his name. He could feel her thighs spasming and her cunt pulsed. He drove in deep so he could feel her cumming. She squirted and anointed him and he held her steady until she was quiet again. Then he began to fuck her all over again. She was his guitar and he is playing her with all his usual flair.

Justin pulled out of Cariad and turned her, lifted her up and took her to the wall. Pressing her against it, he began to ram into her once more. Cariad wrapped her legs around him and locked he ankles behind him. She leaned in close to his shoulder and bit him hard. He yelled and put his hand around her throat, holding her neck tightly. She could still breathe but a little restricted. He would allow her to cum but each time he made her wait. The result was she came more powerfully. There was fire in her eyes and a need in her body. There was the matching fire in him. A frenzy over came them and they fucked against the wall, on the bed, and even on the floor. Around four thirty in the morning they collapsed, falling together on the bed. Both were sated and completely exhausted.

To be continued….



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