He stood on the stage surrounded by the other members of the band. The lights were bright and then dimmed right down between each song. His voice is like sandpaper and honey. His range is staggering. The people sing with him, the words of a bleeding heart and he lays bare his life for the audience. The sweat beads on his forehead then trickles down his face, to disappear into his beard. He feels nothing but the words, the music and the fans. This was his place of power where he swept up the energy of all the fans into his aura. It fuelled him for life. 

She was in the audience, a small figure in a sea of faces. She was smiling up at him but she seemed different. Yes, she sang along with the words, she danced just like everyone else, but for some reason she stood out a mile from those around her. Her hypnotic eyes seemed somehow pained or perhaps sad. Once he noticed her he could barely take his eyes off her. He tried to sing to the whole audience but he was constantly returning to her.  

Not many of his songs were love songs, in fact they were filled with pain and struggle, his struggles in life. The angst was so thick you could cut through it with a knife. He looked down and there was a guy standing next to her, were they together? He really didn’t want him to be. He cursed his stupidity over this one girl. 

They finished their last set and did an encore and the fans didn’t want them to stop, but stop they must. They cleared the stage and he stood in the wings and tried to see where she had gone. There was no sign of her and his disappointment was palpable.  

His brother asked, ‘Who are you looking for Justin?’ 

Felling suddenly silly he turned and said, ‘No one.’ 

Once all the equipment was packed away, one of the band members said, ‘Who’s for a beer?’ 

Justin shook his head then said, ‘I am going to walk back to the hotel.’ 

It took him fifteen minutes to walk there and all the time he could not keep visions of the girl out of his head. He reached his room and walked over to the bed and flopped backwards across it. Her face seemed to float into his mind and he thumps his head with the heel of his palm to try somehow dislodge it.  

Suddenly there is a soft knock on the door and Justin gets up and opens it. There is a look of shock on his face when he sees it is her. To begin with he blocks the way in but after some seconds he stands to one side to allow her space to walk in. Not a word is spoken. He follows her to the centre of the room when she turns around and he was so close behind her he almost bumped into her. She smelled of flowers filled his senses and the scent was heady.  

Justin took in every single inch of her body, and she was slim, impossibly slender yet there was a touch of strength about her. Her hair was cut very short and close to her head but it suited her well. She offered no words to him to help him understand what was happening. How had she found him?  

Feeling lost he said, ‘I’m Justin.’ 

She smiled and said, ‘I know. I’m Cariad.’ 

‘Cariad.’ He murmured softly as if he was tasting the name on his tongue. His hands longed to touch her to ensure she was real. 

She reached out, took his hand and then placed it over her heart. ‘I am quite real.’ 

His mind reeled. How does she know what I am thinking? He then became aware of his hand against her chest. He can feel her heartbeat or is it his own pounding, in his chest? 

He removed his hand then placed both either side of her face, tilted her head up and leant down to kiss her red lips softly. It started out tenderly but quickly turned to fire. It shocked him as it surged through his body like fire. He lifted his mouth from hers and asked, ‘What are you?’ 

She quietly said ‘I am yours… if you want me.’ 

Justin’s eyes widen and he asks, ‘Mine?’ 

‘Yes. It’s not hard to understand.’ 

‘Do you do this often Cariad? Offer yourself for a one-night stand with musicians?’ 

She looks hurt and said, ‘This is the first time I have ever done this. I am just as shocked as you about this. If you want I will leave and let to find some peace.’  

‘No’ he said quickly and she smiled up at him. He looked around and says, ‘Can you give me time to have a shower then I will be right with you? There is orange juice in the bar fridge.’ 

‘I don’t mind waiting’ she said, taking a seat. 

Reluctantly he walked into the bathroom and soon Cariad heard the water running. Visions of him naked under that water just about drove her crazy. She was just as confused about this attraction as he was. This was so far from the way she normally acted. She knew it was not just groupie attraction. She could feel deep inside herself and this was overwhelming. The need for him pushed all sanity from her mind.  

She could not sit still so she got up and walked to the bathroom and quietly opened the door. She slipped out of her clothes and walked into the shower with him. He is facing the wall while hot water cascaded over his head and shoulders. His hands are on the wall and his head is lowered. Cariad walks until she is between his arms and Justin just smiled and it lit up his face. There was something of the wolf in his face. This time when they kissed it was uncompromising, almost punishing. She moaned softly against his mouth and it drove all reason from his mind. 

He was close to six foot and she couldn’t be more than five. He picked her up and carried her to the bed, not bothered by the wet footprints he left behind. He lay her on the bed and eased her to the centre of it. He climbed in beside her rolling over her by moving his chest across the top half of her. He kissed her mouth and he felt like each kiss devoured her, just as she feasted on him. 

There is a raging fire flowing through them that spurred them on. He took her hands and held them over her head, pinning her tightly. She looked a little afraid and she struggled. He lifted his head and growled, ‘Too much?’ 

She quickly shook her head and he took that as consent for where this was going.  

He said, ‘Tell me what you want.’ 

She quickly said, ‘Fuck me!… Hard.’ 

With no need to hold back Justin moved between her legs, his erection as hard as he has ever experienced. Her legs part for him and he drove his hard cock into her. She was tight, very tight and he had to hold still for several long seconds to regain some sort of control. He wanted this to last.  

Her legs wrapped around his waist and lock behind him. He started to pound into her but each lunge had a few seconds between them. She groaned each time and then cried out. He knew this must be punishing her body but all reason left as he answered his and her needs. He realized he held great power over this wonderful woman but had no wish to harm her.  

He let go of her hands which prompted her to say, ‘I am not fragile, Justin.’ 

He grinned and then started to fuck her hard. He leaned down and kisses her punishingly. She rakes her nails across his back and he lifted his head and growled. He lifted her legs and pulled them over his shoulders When he leaned back down and he captured her hands again so she couldn’t move. He rode her hard, not caring how it may hurt her. He knew she would complain if he got too much for her. 

It was as if this rage of sexual power would consume them and neither cared. He moved like a demon, making her feel impaled upon him. She bit his arm, pulled her hands free and scratched him like a cat. It couldn’t last and he was so close to orgasm he had to change positions, so he rolled off her and lay on his back. She needed no instruction and mounted him. She began to ride him like he was a wild bronco. He grabbed her breasts and mauled them. Suddenly she cried out, went rigid and came loudly and squirted powerfully. She was still for a moment feeling her belly roll and thighs twitch. He could feel her cunt spasming around his cock and it almost undid him.  

She is not still for long and went back to riding him. He holds her hips and his hips lift his cock up to meet her. He was close, so very close. She comes once more then she senses he is close to cumming and pulls off him swapping her cunt with her mouth.  

Justin groaned as he felt his cock slip in her throat. Cariad sucked him like the best cock sucker in the world. She sucked him hard and fast, gently scratching her nails over his balls. Then she would slow down, drawing out his pleasure. He let his head fall back on the bed and just groaned in pleasure. She sure knew what she was doing. There is no chance to ask the spit or swallow question but she knew how close he was and before he can say another word he growled loudly and cums powerfully. His seed pumped down her throat. He can feel it moving as she swallowed every last drop of his seed. Once he had finished Cariad lifted her head and smiled at him. He grinned back at her. 

She moved and lay in the crook of his arm. Justin looked at the ceiling and asked, ‘What the fuck was that?’ He was still gasping for air. 

‘Didn’t you like it?’ she asked with small frown. 

He rolled onto his side and placed his hand on her side. ‘I am usually more…  considerate.’ 

‘And I never have sex the first night I meet someone. This situation is rather unique.’ 

He chuckled richly then he looked seriously at her. ‘Did I hurt you?’ 

She shook her head then asked, ‘Did I hurt you?’ 

‘My back may have some interesting marks on it but it was fine.’ He laughed and the richness of it was infectious and made Cariad laugh too. 

Justin moved to rise from the bed and Cariad felt her heart skip a beat. Her face must have shown her panic and he smiled and said, ‘I am going to run us a bath. I want to make sure you are ok.’ 

‘Oh.’ When he went into bathroom Cariad pulled a face. She was mortified she showed such panic. She had a massive secret she was keeping from him and she had no idea if she would ever tell him.  

He walked back into the room with a towel around his waist but there was no hiding the fact he was hard again. She smiled when she saw that. It would seem the night was not over yet…. 

To be continued…



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