Tattoos are things that you either love or hate, there seems to be no in between. Both S. and I love them. At the moment I have just the one of roses, with stems and leaves with a ribbon intertwined. It needs to be touched up as it has faded but I haven’t got around to it yet. It has become a popular thing to do. I learn the fact that even Queen Victoria of England even had tattoos and she was renown for being very straight laced.

S. has tattoo’s too and we both have very similar tastes in them. This might shock many of our readers but I have given my body, like a canvas to S. who can put the tattoo’s he likes on me. Okay relax for a moment, he knows what I like and he will not fight me if I say I don’t like it. He knows I want a tattoo that winds up my right arm, across my back, over the hip and down my leg. It will be some kind of vine with flowers or perhaps a dragon.

To me it is very erotic to think S. will decorate my body. He likes the idea too. I don’t want every square inch of my body tattooed neither does S. I am also aware that tattoos can be addictive and I don’t want to go over the top.

There is something funny I have noticed about tattoo’s, I am a masochist and can take quite a lot of pain during a scene, but I find tattoo’s painful. S. is not a masochist in any way, yet he fell asleep getting one tattoo. He does not find them too painful at all. I guess it all comes down to pain tolerance or how we process it.

I can also point out which tattoos I like for him. I adore art and I often draw flash art which is tattoo art. I also have an encyclopedia of tattoo art work. I adore looking through it and I get all excited when one appeals to me. I can’t wait to show him when I find a great one on the net.

I must say I love things that aren’t always girly girl ones like bio mechanical. There is a Chinese myth about Koi fish swimming up stream and passing through the Dragon Gate and they turn into Dragons. I write books in the fantasy genre so dragons are one of my loves. I also love fairies but I don’t write about your Tinkerbell kind of fairy, but about Goth dark ones with dark intentions, so you can see I have lot’s for inspiration.

Tattoo’s are not really about the lifestyle but I have noticed a great number of Tops and bottoms have tattoo’s. ( Pardon the pun about bottoms cos I have seen a few there too.     ~ giggles ~

Another thing about tattoos is take the advice of the tattooist especially when considering positioning of said tattoo. Also think about your skin and how it will age. Ladies if you end up putting a dolphin on your tummy, then have children, your poor dolphin may end up being stretched. I saw a cute one of a tiny man pushing a lawn mower just above the hair line of a girl’s sex.

The man that did my tattoo looked exactly like Hagrid and he was a biker but it was in a tattoo shop. Look into their work even ask to see pictures of their work. Most have a portfolio. This man who was a biker would have to be good. You don’t want to piss off another Biker.

If considering getting a tattoo remember the cardinal rule. Don’t get your partner’s name inked on you. That is sort of a jinx. There is a way around it. Write it in elvish and no one else will understand it. You can find it on the internet. I am not kidding here ~ winks ~. S. would never put his name on me but then I suggested in elvish and he thought that was a brilliant idea. I like the idea of putting the fact I am his on my body. And now you all know how big of a nerd I am. I love writing about fairies and I love the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. Shhh I won’t mention Star Wars or Star Trek if you won’t.

Please, if considering getting a tattoo, think carefully about it. Consider all aspects of it then find a reputable tattoo artist.


S and K

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