Everybody knows about give and receive when in a relationship. It is like a flow just like waves lapping the shore. The energy of giving and the energy of receiving. You will notice I don’t say take because implies force or stealing.

 Imagine a spanking, ok stop drooling I know you love it but for the purpose of this keep your mind focused on the concept mentioned. ~ wink ~

 You offer your submission and your partner offers his skill as your spanker. He/she has to keep your trust and stay within your limits they have to read your reactions and continue to ensure you are still fine with it. You offer your submission, you place your body in your Top’s hands and trust your partner not to break through your limits.

 The Top receives your trust, submission, sexual desires and love. The submissive receives the Tops respect, skill with his hands and love.

 If you look at this from any activity within the life style you can learn to see the waves lapping on the shore and recognise that nothing is only one way. The best relationships have this age-old toing and froing and if you look at it carefully, it will bring you peace and joy.


S. and K.


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