I write so much about the inside of me I thought you might like to see this. Some are before cancer and some are after. I hope you enjoy them.




I would ask you do not copy these and repost elsewhere without my express permission. If they are just for you then that is ok. Thank you.




11 Comments on “Bits of Me

    • Thank you so much. It took a lot for me to post this but S. encouraged me to. I am glad my inside shows, the rest is simply window dressing. Believe me I have my physical flaws but it is amazing what make-up will cover. I consider my scars as a map of my life, each one taught me a lesson. Kit.

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  1. What beautiful, gorgeous photos. Even though we can’t see your face, you appear so confident and relaxed and as though you are having fun. You look great and we are lucky that you shared these with us.


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