A while ago I set a challenge to think of 50 things you can write about yourself and it seems the challenge has done the rounds. I did mine and now I have a challenge to write 50 things about S.

He will let me know how well I do. So here goes…

  1. He loves Captain Crunch
  2. He hates raisins and oatmeal.
  3. He loves to cook and just because he is the dominant type it doesn’t stop him cooking for me.
  4. He loves country music. (that was almost a deal breaker)  ~wink~ The strange thing is he has managed change my mind about it.
  5. He has a mind that works overtime but when needed he can focus right in on one thing.
  6. He is a night owl and becomes a bear in the morning.
  7. He loves football and supports the Lions even though it’s been a long time since they won the finals. He has been know to scream at the TV and to the ref and question his birthright.
  8. He is a big flirt and I love to see him action. No age of woman is safe ~wink~ but he is super comfortable in the company of women. He is never sleazy.
  9. He loves books and reading.
  10. He loves the idea of travelling the world.
  11. He loves Mexican food.
  12. He dislikes snobbery.
  13. He hates racism. He treats all people the same way no matter their race.
  14. He is kind and gentle but in a scene he can deliver all the strength that I need.
  15. He has a good grasp on all things kinky fuckery.
  16. He is never afraid to try something new. Both in the lifestyle and outside.
  17. He takes great delight in disciplining me by sending me to the corner and yes he knows how much I hate it. Funishments are much more fun though, think spanking.  ~evil grin~.
  18. When shopping his eyes are always drawn to bright shiny things.
  19. He does not tell me when he feels sick.
  20. He has a crooked smile that melts me.
  21. He has a wonderful imagination.
  22. He is a little vain but has his morning ablutions down pat and doesn’t take long to get ready.
  23. He smokes a Vape.
  24. He doesn’t drink.
  25. He has to eat six small meals a day instead of three big ones.
  26. He has very eclectic tastes in music.
  27. He is a freak for old time blues music.
  28. He is a talented leather smith and makes some really cool stingy things to use in a scene. Also things like leather manacles and collars, as well as bags and wallets.
  29. He is a good photographer.
  30. He hates gardening but still helps his Mom with hers. If needed he will always help her.
  31. He is a great father.
  32. He is becoming a wonderful Granddad.
  33. He hates winter.
  34. He loves to buy surprise things for me. Small things he has thought about.
  35. He prefers silver to gold.
  36. He hates to be ordinary.
  37. He puts way to much pressure on himself.
  38. He rocks a hat.
  39. He will happily become Goth with me.
  40. He loves tattoos.
  41. He can sew.
  42. He likes cigars.
  43. Pictures of a girl smoking a cigar turn him on.
  44. He will stand up for a cause even if it is seen as a girl’s issue.
  45. He takes voting seriously and always knows what the candidate is standing for.
  46. He dislikes yelling but has been known to yell ~wink~
  47. There is nothing in him that is submissive. He will however, let me have control for a while during a scene.
  48. He is very Primal.
  49. He doesn’t hold back with me, in anything be it day to day life or in a scene.
  50. He will never loose control during a scene unless it is primal but even then he has some level of control.


This is what I see in him and what I see him do. He is sometimes inscrutable and at times completely open.

I could have written 50 more  ~giggling~.




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