Sometimes love is like a blanket that keeps me warm through the dark hours.

Sometimes love is like a crack on the head, spinning all my thoughts into a jumble.

Sometimes love is like cotton wool that blocks my throat so I can’t form any words.

Sometimes love is like a razorblade that cuts my skin to shreds.

Sometimes love is like a raging fire that burns white hot and sears my skin.

Sometimes love makes the fierce beast rise in me to stalk the real world for a while

Sometimes love is like air and clouds, carrying me to heaven and peace.

Sometimes love is like a rock in my chest that keeps me pinned down.

Sometimes love brings laughter and joy and a place for me to play in.

Sometimes love broken shatters my heart and makes it hard for me to breathe.

Sometimes unrequited love leaves me with a loneliness that carves my heart apart.

Most times love is the best place in existence to be and I would never endanger it, so my love is cherished and nurtured for all time. It embraces me and keeps me safe. It is my parachute when I take a leap of faith. It is the gold and shimmering chord that unites me with my darling.




7 Comments on “Love is…

  1. Your so amazing beautiful, I was wondering were the he’ll that gold thread kept coming from. To me darling love in all its many forms is all about you.


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