you are horrified by pop music and hip hop cos it melts your brain, leave!!!! This means you Sir

These songs are to make you dance and they will have you tapping your feet. Awww the hell with that get up and dance! I often find, when I am down, songs like this lift my spirits. It is amazing how that happens

Warning these songs are infectious and may get stuck in your head.

Ok this one get’s me dancing

this is a very catchy song.

Hehehe yes it has Chad in it.

I just love this song

English man that had some nice hits

I had to put in some songs for S.

This song is different and still completely danceable.

I think S. likes this one too

Gee I am finding some oldies and goodies

A one hit wonder, but what a hit.

Another one hit wonder.

As I look for song to post I come across songs I have forgotten but I love this one.

I am a fan of Aerosmith and of this song with Run DMC.

Not a huge fan of maroon 5 but this song gets me dancing.

I know this song everyone crazy cos it was played so often but it still makes me dance along.

Lol these songs are really being dug up.

I love Alicia

This one is danceable and weird.

How could I miss out this oldie?

Hehehehe I put this in for S. cos he is too sexy.

Don’t groan I love dancing to this one.

ZZ Top made a load of dance songs. I love them.


Tina is for me I love her.

I love the song.

Ok disco is pushing it but it is worth it for John’s dancing.

S. nearly had a heart attack when I said I didn’t like the Eagles but I love this song.

Who doesn’t like Bon Jovi.

Had to put in the Charlie Brown bits

This is a real toe tapper.

Song from the Full Monty.

Hehehehe this was in Magic Mike lol.

I don’t know a lot about the Pointer Sisters but I like this song.

I haven’t heard this before but when I played it I loved it.

Had to put in Pitbull and we got Ke$ha for free.

I have a huge girl crush on Jessie J so I ended with her.


I hope you have enjoyed these and if I get some likes I will continue to put music on the blog.

Have fun and dance, you know you want to.

S. and K.


4 Comments on “Songs to Dance to

    • I totally agree. Music has saved me a few time when I feel down. I put music on and while I wash the floors I dance with the mop. I also sing to it, but very very badly. Thanks for your comment ❤


  1. I am a rocker normally, and there is a page of rock songs I also love the Blues and there is a page of them too. I am very eclectic in my music. If you feel like posting a link to your favorite songs feel free. ❤ kit.


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