Journal Entry/Erotic Writing

The power in his hands is enormous. He holds out his hand to me so that I can walk into his arms and his firm embrace clasps me to his chest. He uses his hand to gently tilt my face up to kiss me with warm, tender lips, igniting my senses. His tongue gently explores my mouth and wrestles with my own. His burning fingertips trace fiery trails down my back counting each goose bump on their way, and I shiver deliciously.

The strength in your hands grows slowly and runs around the curve of my hips to ease me forward so I could feel the hardness trapped in your pants. I melt against you, marvelling at the way we fit together.

Your hand wraps around my throat some times softly sometimes tightly but never cruelly. It is your way to claim me anew and all I can think is I am yours. That one action makes me understand submission above all things. The word ‘Yours’ fills my mind and I know it much more than at any other time. There is complete trust as you hold my very soul in your hand.

Your hand slaps me, across my face. A swift sting that makes my senses reel. It is measured, practiced, never too much. When you do it you will see fire in my eyes bringing up the animal in me. You slap my body, pushing me deeper into sub space.

Your hands gently tip me over your knee and oh so gently eases down my panties. Warm almost playful slaps colour my skin then that soft hand turns to steel across my ass. The tops of my thighs become scarlet, the place I sit and upward still until my whole ass is glowing. I adore the imprint of your hand on my pale flesh.

Your strong hand hold the stock of the whip and guides each and every stroke on my body. You have practiced and you know exactly how hard to lash me. You know my limits and you take me close to them often, but never over them. You can see what I cannot and even if I beg for more you will not give me more if you consider I have had enough. You care for me when I can’t.

Your hands can bring a coil of rope to me then firstly wrap it around my body then securing it with knots. You have studied each and every thing about the form of that rope work. You know the mere smell of the rope will excite me. You never leave me alone if the binding is complicated and as it works on my senses you touch and even torment my body until I am begging to orgasm. You make me fly and let me soar into subspace.

Your hands have strength yet great gentleness, They are able to stroke me tenderly and you know just where to touch me to arouse me into I reach a peak and I can barely breathe. They are knowing hands, practiced hands and every time you touch me I respond massively.

You never rush and you take as much care as you did the very first time I became yours. You never do the same thing twice unless I beg you for it. There are always small differences.

Your hands are kind, strong, tender, rough, wonderful, cruel, delightful and I adore them darling. Please never change.






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