Waiting can be one of the most underrated things in a Dominant’s repertoire. Most often you both can’t wait to get your hands on each other. The Dominant can take the submissive into a session with delayed orgasms but that isn’t the kind of waiting I mean.

What I mean is to tie your partner so she/he can’t move and leave her/him some place and then walk away. Make sure the bindings are firm but not likely to harm in any way. You can use leather manacles or handcuffs. You can gag her/him too if she/he is noisy. The other way is to restrain her with a simple sentence. If you expect your sub to remain that way for a long time, please ensure they are physically comfortable. Don’t set them up for a fail.

Let them know what will be happening when the time is up and this will become a mind fuck (positive one) The submissive will feel excited to know that they will be having mind blowing sex and they will become so excited. The trick is to not tell them how long they are going to have to wait. As they play the scene in their mind it will make them even more turned on.

I find the words one is doubly erotic because S. can place me some place and I won’t move. All I will have keeping me company is my own mind and that is very powerful. I get so wet waiting patiently except I have absolutely no patience for this. I want it and I want it now  ~ wink ~. Without restraints my hands are free to touch but I will have been told not to. That is a torment. He will know if I do. (Lol please don’t ask why)

By the time he takes me down to the playroom I will be a hot and bothered mess. Yes it is a torment but it is a delicious torment. Just a little rule we have and that is if I fall asleep the scene doesn’t happen. Worse place for that to happen is if I am placed on the bed. Come on you don’t get tired on a bed? Well I would have to be very tired to do that if in this situation. I have shifted into first gear as soon as S. turns on the situation and when he comes back for me he shifts me into second gear. When we reach the playroom I am in top gear speeding down the highway.

No matter the scene my motor is revving and ready for action.

This is a real test for your sub and he/she will enjoy it if he/she is a connoisseur of delayed gratification. If they aren’t it becomes a real test.

Try it out one day and enjoy yourselves.


S. and K.



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