Journal Entry


Rope bondage is not defined by the weight or shape of the submissive but on the skill of the rigger. Even suspension is possible for all subs as long as they are not carrying injuries which might limit options.

It begins with a length of rope, a willing body and a desire to bind and to be bound. Just the smell of rope has the power to make me wet.


If I have a savage heart and a restless mind S. wraps me and knots the rope and my soul settles into the magical quietness of the stars. I close my eyes and breathe into the restrictions. I am bent and curved into shapes that are alien to me. When suspended I fly, weightless into the sky. There are no struggles inside me all the cares that plagued my thoughts before we started are gone and are replaced by sighs.


I can drift into sub space and I know S. will watch over me. He might touch and sooth my skin with his hands. Sometimes there are touches he might use to torment my nipples, finger me until I am on the verge of orgasm, stopping before I fall into it. He could tie me in a way that my body is open for him to take me. He knows a way to tie me so my pussy, ass and mouth are free for him to use. That is the most sexual and beautiful thing that he could do.

I have mentioned the safety issues concerning this practice on the Bondage Page. If new to rope bondage please take things slowly because one wrong step can injure your submissive permanently.

I know I love bondage  and though it can feel a little dangerous to begin with and as trust grows you will enjoy it more and more. This is a wonderful part of our relationship. We started small and grew from there. To me it is an expression of love and each coil that winds around me makes me feel it more keenly.

If you try it please take care, it is not like quickly binding wrists. There is lots on You Tube to watch and there are also lots of good books on the subject.

Have fun guys but stay safe.


S. and K.


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