Journal Entry/Information

There is no use by date on a woman. She can be just as exciting and deeply sexual as she was in the spring of her life. In fact there is much more depth to her physical and sexual desires.

It can be said that she really is more than that as she will be much more experienced and possibly sure of herself. She will know herself and her body much more than a younger woman. She will have ironed out the kinks but she knows enough to always be open to new and exciting things.

She will also be at peace with her dark desires, will have dealt with them and brought them into the light. She will have an honesty about her body. With men of her age she will be confident, sexy and experienced. With a younger man she can teach them if she wishes.

Never forget, if she leans towards submission, she will have had experience. If she is new to the lifestyle she will be eager to please and learn.

Never discount a woman because of age. I know a couple of mature ladies that I follow and they are sexy, beautiful and very adventurous.


S. and K.




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