Journal Entry

Ideas of a Dominant woman is something so alien to me because, well simply because I find it hard to think in that way, yet I follow a few Dominant women on WordPress and I find their blogs to be really interesting. The Dommes are wonderful too. A small part of me likes a hint of Domination when I switch but I never take S. in deep as I would be ultra uncomfortable. I don’t think my submissive brain could do it without exploding.

I admire these ladies and find, by and large, they are very classy ladies. They take their submissive men only to places they wish to go, just as S. does for me. I see images in my mind of these men looking up at their Dommes with adoration in their eyes. Do I see these men as lesser men… hell no! To look down on them would be looking down on myself. I consider them to be very strong people.

These men go out to work, normally with stress filled days and come home to serve their Dommes. They can turn off their work mind and slip into the wonderful peace of submission.

There are many levels of submission, just as there are for submissive women. I admire the strong women that are Dominant and I wish both partners great happiness. I also want to applaud the submissive men who know what they want and are unafraid to go for it.


S. and K.


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