Erotic Writing

She kneels at your feet and as you circle her, you are struck by her beauty. Her face is delicate yet something about her gives an aura of strength. As you circle her, your heart beats faster and your cock twitches. Her spine is straight yet she holds a strong air of submission. There is nothing in her that looks weak. She had come to you of her own free will and knelt proudly. There was no giving in, no sinking to her knees. She had simply knelt, offering you her submission.

You could have forced her submission from her, taken her by playing mind games but instead you had waited patiently, hoping she would acknowledge her need. You knew you could have worked on her and twisted out the submission but you didn’t. The desire to hunt her and take her was so overwhelming but you had held back so that this could mature on it’s own. You had wanted this to last.

She had listened carefully as you explained your needs. She was not appalled and didn’t run. You could almost see her brain running overtime to process it all. She didn’t answer you right away. She took home her thoughts and waited to unravel all the facts alone.

Now here she is, on her knees, offering herself to you. She has so much dignity. You had not told her that was what you expected from her. You had simply described the kind of woman you like to enjoy.

You have a driving need to take her right now but there is so much to discuss. You have no intention of overwhelming her with all of the things you need to speak of, like limits and safe words, discipline or her own desires.

Tonight was about accepting her beautiful gift. She is finer than a work of art. She looks almost ethereal.

You may take her to your room and make love tonight but that would be left in her hands. You can simply dine, share a wine and talk. However, you can tell she is excited. Her eyes glisten, her lips are full and red. When she takes your hand you will feel the way hers trembles. There are bright spots of red on her cheek but she wears no make-up. The smell of flowers rises up from her and you breathe her in. When you stand before her again, her head is tilted downward.  You reach down and tilt her chin up.

You say in a low voice, ‘You are an amazing woman and I have no wish to subjugate you in any way. You are a proud woman and you will remain so. I want your strength not your weakness and outside of this relationship you will be yourself. All I want is your submission. I also hope to have your love. Should you wish more within the relationship then I am open to whatever that may be. Now my dear do you wish to proceed?’

‘Yes I do.’

‘I know you have questions but tonight we will enjoy a meal together, and sees what comes next.’

You watch as her faces flushes. It makes your breath quicken and you reach out with your hand to help her to her feet. She is smaller than you and you have to battle the urge to crush her in your arms. You never want her to leave your side but you have to bide your time and treat her with respect. You also need to earn her trust.

You have the luxury of knowing you have time on your side and the hardest part has been done. She knelt before you.


S. and K.


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