Journal Entry

She may look slender. Her body may have it’s weaknesses. She may look fragile but never underestimate her. She is a warrior.

She is your submissive.

In the real world she is strong, independent and free yet she has the courage to place her wellbeing in your hands. You may be her protector and you have sworn to keep her safe but for all the times she is away from your protection she has the power to manoeuvre within the real word and to do all the things that might come her way.

Her mind is strong and focused. She can make up her mind quickly. There is nothing much that throws her because she has the propensity for clear thought. Should someone say something awful to her, she has a look that freezes a person from fifteen paces. She can handle herself and will not allow anyone to attack her.

She has lived life to the fullest and squeezes as much as she can from every day.

She carries her scars, has her own pain but she has dealt with it. She knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it.

She is strong, beautiful and yours. Despite all of these things she chooses to kneel at your feet.

The more important thing to realize is she will also have your back and will do her best to protect you as you protect her.

Treasure that.


S. and K.



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