Journal Entry

I am not sure if anyone noticed that my posts stopped for a while and there is a very good reason. My head became a little unravelled and I took time out for two reasons. One was that I didn’t want my crap finding it’s way in here because this is a very important place for me. Two is because I needed to find a quiet space to sort myself out.

It was a mood switch nothing more nothing less and I had to do my rescue actions to recover.

Firstly it is important for a submissive to know everyone has times like these.

It made me think about all of you submissive people that come in here. I wonder if you have rescues for yourself. Can you simply say to your partner, I need some time out for a few days? Do you even consider taking some time for yourself? This could be for mental fatigue, physical pain or just bad tiredness. A lot of subs will try very hard to power through it but that rarely helps.

I know that sometimes sub space can give you time out from your emotions but you can’t really rely on it to recharge your batteries.

It is time to talk to your partner. Explain your problem and simply ask for time ‘off’. Be honest about what is making you feel like you need time out.

This is important for you to keep yourself healthy not just to better serve your partner but to better serve yourself.

A healthy body and mind brings much good energy to the relationship and both parties will reap the rewards.


S. and K.


n.b. I hope you like the new type of artwork. It is a phase and it might change on a whim ~ wink ~`


4 Comments on “Protect Yourself

  1. Many people overlook the benefits of taking care of yourself when it comes to taking care of others too. Frankly if you are not at your best you really can’t do your best.

    My ‘time off’ happens due to physical limitations and its not just a good idea here, it’s a rule! There are not many times I get ‘told’ or that the Bear would be unhappy with me but that would definitely be one. The main one actually.

    I’m glad to see you back, I hope that means that things have come around for you! 😀


  2. We all need time to recharge and I’m glad to see that you’re back. Have a good rest of your week! 😉


    • Thank you CC when I get like that I steer clear of things that offer me a place to interact with the public because my mind does not function as it does when I am well. It was a very minor swing so I started doing the things I need to, to get better. It is really nice to be back. ❤

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