Morality was a thing in short supply in my early life. My family were not what you might call religious in any way so I was forced to discover my own sense of morals and I think I did pretty well. My nana helped a lot too.

I strive to not hurt people and that is important to me. I hate fighting with a passion especially with S. I have a couple of rules concerning fights with him. I have a temper and I have been known to kick inanimate things when they refuse to do what I want. Okay that sounds funny but in an attempt to sew some curtains, they kept puckering. I snatched them and kicked them across the room. I was also swearing until a pin stuck in the sole of my foot. That is where my bad temper leads me.

Neither I or S. do well with confrontation and I have learned that yelling at someone makes them clam up. If I am furious I will walk away until I have calmed down then we discuss it. My Nan told me something important. Never let the sun go down on your wrath.

I make sure any children around me are safe and well cared for. They are our future and need protecting. You cannot wrap them in cotton wool and they need to learn about the world around them.

I am careful what I say to people especially vulnerable people. I consider most things before I say them.

I don’t steal, I do not commit adultery nor do I suffer from gluttony. I am not lazy and I could not commit murder.

Why am I saying all these things? I get really angry when people judge all of your life when they know you are in B.D.S.M. It does not affect mine or S.’s morals. It was said ‘He hits a woman how can he have good morals?’ He doesn’t hit me, he realises my needs. He doesn’t punch me or throw me around a room. He never kicks me because if he did I would kick him back! He never shows me violence and that is the most important thing for him. Everything we do is carefully measured, within limits and administered with love.

I get really angry when some little old church lady dares to suggest that my darling man has no morals because he is dominant, likes to tie me up and spanks me. I bet you a million dollars she was spanked as a child!

Stay out of my bedroom granny, and take the time to understand exactly what you are talking about!

(Sorry for the rant people) Ok calming down now.

S. and K.


9 Comments on “Morality Within the Lifestyle

  1. People often rail against things they don’t understand. It’s not easy to remain calm when things so important to us are attacked, but we need to do our best otherwise we are no better than they.

    Sorry you found yourself in that situation! ❤ Take a breath and walk away, like your Nana said. She is a smart lady it sounds like.


  2. It sucks when people are judging towards us. Like nijntje said, people often fear what they don’t understand. The only way to get that understanding is to educate yourself about it and learn as best as you can. The only thing we can do I suppose is like anything else, be the best example we can be and just live our lives regardless of ignorance. ❤ xx

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      • I agree. Live your life how it’s best for you. If others want to be judgey and malicious then that’s their problem. It’s your life not theirs ❤ x


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