My Daily Submission


My submission is not simply something I do during scenes. Yes, it is at the fore of a scene unless it is primal. Primal is that wild animal sex where I let go of all my submissiveness and become a tigress. Sir is just as wild. He is the tiger to my tigress. It is purely sex. No binding, no sweet submission just pure animal fucking with slaps and scratches and biting.

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girl-2071564__340 Information

My headspace is sometimes governed by the day to day things like running a house, cleaning and buying groceries. In fact some of my time is caught up in those pursuits and it ticks over nicely. Well that and this blog. I really like blogging. I am actually a person that loves to read, listen to music and dance naked in the garden. However I have not actually tried dancing naked in the garden but the idea does appeal. It is way too cold to try but maybe this summer.

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Safety Issues


I don’t know how many of you belong to Fetlife but at the moment there is a really big ‘Hot Potato’ doing the rounds about safety for women and a few of the women there have decided to deactivate their accounts for three days.

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Contradictions in me or in my submission

adult-2892510__340 Journal Entry

Within my mind I have many contradictions that affect my life with Sir. I have to wonder if all submissives have the same contradictions or perhaps different ones. I can’t speak for Sir and he said he is going to do a list from the Dominant side.

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Gallery Eight

model-3017846__340 Erotic Images

I think it is time for some new images I know you enjoy them. I have a growing interest more erotic images rather than porn. I find them to be very evocative.

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Social Page

feather-3237961__340 Social interaction

Sir and I would like to make the blog a little more social. I am naturally drawn to making friends, especially in the kink community. It’s nice to know there are great people out there enjoying themselves… so I thought why not try to get to know each other? I also thought this might be a great way to do it.

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portrait-3148922__340  Information

Observation is one very large and underrated subject. It is essential for both the Dominant and submissive. A Dominant needs to look for so many signs in his submissive. He needs to see when she is happy, sad, sexual, or emotional. It is vital to him, it is the watchfulness and you need you be aware of it. A simple glance can send a whole conversation to your Dominant.

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Different People

dark-angels-1863983__340 Information

I am a member of and I have the blog here and nothing seems to phase me in the realms of B.D.S.M. I peered in the windows with my safety net, my relationship with Sir, I watch on, not being judgemental. I am very accepting of anything that brings pleasure to the people involved. I want to let you know about all the roles I have encountered but try not to say, well that is damn weird, because every genuine person is entitled to their predilections.

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My Relationship with my Breasts

  Journal Entry

Okay this may sound a strange topic but it will become abundantly clear why that title fits me. I have had a double mastectomy recently and I have now got implants.

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Trigger Warnings

people-2596735__340  Information

I have used the notification Trigger Warning on a post. I also say what will follow such as a consensual / non consensual scene. I do that to warn people who suffer from PTSD….

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A Show Of Strength

fire-2777580__340  Information

This is for all submissives out there that have been emotionally/physically hurt by a Dominant.

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woman-3156808__340   Erotic Writing

It is midnight I am walking down the city street and the hiss of tires on the wet road almost drown out the sounds of the engines. I have an umbrella but the wind shifts all over the place whistling down alleys and the roads and directs the light drizzle onto me… 

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Dark Desires



I have dark desires and I have shared them with my Sir but so far we have not really gone into them all up until now. I am both afraid and exhilarated by them…

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Gallery Seven

face-2282513__340Erotic Images

I am enjoying these pictures are from copy right free because they evoke more of a reaction than the more pornographic images do. These have soft edges and moody lighting and that appeals to my artistic side. They arouse on a deeper level…

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Just Things On My Mind

women-2681295__340  Journal Entry

I noticed something that I do not do that other blog writers do and that is to just speak of my feelings and life. Not all my life is sexual, maybe only 30% but it doesn’t take much to get me there…



fantasy-3077928__340ryrdtfhdrtf  Information

Fantasies, flights of fancy, dreams we weave. I am speaking of sexual fantasies and often, they become part of our journey through our sexuality. Within the whole BDSM scene, to have fantasies and to go after them takes a great deal of courage…

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A Twue Dom


What makes a twue Dom?

Well they are easy to find during the hunting season/(it is always hunting season) They wear dark suits and white silk shirts. Even to the gym./so you will be dry cleaning and mending them a lot…

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What Kind Of Base

couple-3135494__340  Information

There is one important question that I haven’t talked about and it should have been one of the first. It is about foundations and what you come together and build on. I guess it really comes down to what you are looking for…

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Collar Ceremony


Collaring for a submissive or slave is a milestone that should be celebrated rather than just slipping it around your neck and that is that. I think if it is a ritual it means more. I also feel a collar should be earned through loyalty, trust, love, and a deep need to serve your Dominant or Master…more

What I Wanted

thDOW1OV7D  Information

I never knew what I wanted until you told me. Sounds terrible doesn’t it? Would it sound better if I said I love this man with my whole heart? I met him when I felt pretty fractured…more

Gallery Six

blue-2552099__340Erotic Images

More images that are very beautiful. I hope you enjoy them…more

About us

portrait-3113651__340Journal Entry

We are a couple living in a committed 24/7 Dom/sub relationship that is very monogamous. We have been together for quite a few years. I am forty (well almost) and Sir is a little older. We are not looking for anyone to join us we just want to promote a good slant on the lifestyle and to debunk all the crazy ideas... more

A Slave

act-3180817__340  Information

Slavery is not a lifestyle all submissives wish to enter and that is fine. It is also fine if you find the idea of being a slave to be something you would like to try. I am a submissive but I have also been a slave…more

You Are Amazing

bougereau-1231620__340Erotic Writing

You run your fingers through my soul and breathe life over my lips. Each touch electrifies my nerves and makes my essence flow from the core of me. You hold my heart in your  hands and coax it to beat stronger, fiercer,…more


people-2567022__340  Information

This is a subject given to me by my Sir and it is a very important thing to do. I have mentioned before that, at the beginning of a porn clip, the ‘Dominant‘ and ‘submissive‘ of the clip will discuss what they enjoy…more

 I Wonder

silhouette-69666__340Journal Entry

Lately you’ve been on my mind and I don’t know why

But I am wondering if you would recognize

The scared child has turned into a badass woman…more

How Can I Tell?

bondage-2294242__340 Information

I have heard a couple questions in my life about how can a Dominant can tell how much pain is inflicted with things like Paddles, floggers, whips and rulers. Well this is a large question. Of course it depends on how hard you strike…more

I Slapped His Face

Trigger warning, violence

nude-3055966__340Erotic Writing

I get into strange moods and sometimes that runs against my submissiveness. Believe it or not, Sir actually enjoys it, so please hold back your disbelief and enjoy the ride. I know I certainly did…more

Coming Out Of The Dungeon

naked-1241633__340 Satire

So much of this life I lead is done behind closed doors, hidden from friends and family. I know there are many others like me. I mean not many of us have ‘come out’, so to speak. I have to wonder why not? …more

What Is Love?

images  Erotic Writing

Love is a hot, writhing thing, gathering up people as it rolls around.

Caught in the undulating energy, stealing your will and sensibilities…more

Sappho’s Daughter

Sappho's Daughter

I am Sappho’s daughter My fathers blood runs thickly through my veins But she electrifies my nerves. The touch of a naked breast against my body Melts away my fire Makes moon glow from my eyes


Fire in the Darkness

fire-2777580__340Erotic Writing

He takes me to a darkened room

and tethers hands up high

I can escape the coming fire…more

Complete Surrender

person-1451539__340   Erotic Writing

I am tied, I am bound, cannot move. I close my eyes and start to fly.

My body aches, my body’s bent, I feel your hand around my neck.

There is no time, there is no grace. My body floats locked into place….more

Night Of the Vampire

vampire-625851__340  Erotic Writing

I see you coming towards me, down the darkened ally and I shiver. Perhaps it was not a good idea to take the shortcut. I look behind me and there is no one else around so I am alone but for him. He has on a long dark coat with the collar pulled up. His hands are in his pockets and his head is down…more

The Education of Elizabeth

woman-2490302__340Erotic Writing

She had just agreed to become his submissive and he had told her to undress… slowly. She had blushed and to begin with she rushed. With a word he stopped her and made her slow down…more


woman-2844279__340  Information

This is a very important subject that should have been put close to the beginning of the blog so for that I am sorry.



What Am I

Sappho's Daughter   Information

The first thing I want to say here is I hate labels. They quantify, constrict us and lead us to different places and some of those places are not where we hoped to be. I mean if you try to live up to a stereotypical role you become locked into a situation that maybe has things you don’t want to do… more

Things that make me moan

reclined-3016602__340  Erotic Information

I was talking to Sir this morning and I find that very often He says something to me that makes me moan, so I thought why not write about those things. Then I thought maybe you could add what makes you moan in pleasure in the comments. So here goes…more



Sharing is a pretty self evident subject but it might be worth talking about it with your Dominant before you enter into your relationship. I made sure Sir knew almost immediately that I didn’t want to be shared with other men. … more

Gallery One

erotic-429760__340Erotic Images.

Submissives kneeling in a number of poses are very pleasing to Dominants and Masters. They find this an act of complete surrender and that is something only the submissive can do. They might have seen pictures of girls posing but it is much better in real life…more

Open To Our Readers

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you.

Journal Entry

I would like to throw the blog open to all of you and give you a chance to suggest a topic for us to talk about. I will include a contact us link and you can leave comments in the comments box…more



Fetish means sexual attraction to or arousal at something sexual or nonsexual such as an object or a part of a body, such as ‘he has a fetish for feet’…more

Just For My Sir

imagesJournal Entry for Sir

Just a collection of music clips and photos…more

Pearls, Collars, Corsets, Gloves and Latex.


Pearls are very sexy and they can also be use as a wonderful sexual tool, dragged against the clit it can drive a girl crazymore

Random Things

woman-2844282__340   Just bits and bobs

This is a page of different things that I will do my best to describe. They are things that might not merit a whole page of description. I will keep adding as we go along…more

Gallery Four

negative-1062029__340   Erotic Images

Even more pictures for you to enjoy…more

For Prospective Dominants


This is an article for all you new Dominants or if you are considering becoming a Dominant.

This is a time for you to discover what kind of things turn you on when you think about being Dominant…more

Fluid Consent

fantasy-3186646__340   Information

This is a subject that Sir and I have in life. Fluid consent is with us 24/7 and because of that it works best for us.

Let me explain exactly what it is…more

Breast Torment


This is a big subject to cover considering it is just a smallish part of the female body. These are the outer part of a woman’s femineity. They are the thing many men notice first…more

Anal Sex


Ok people don’t choke or panic, we have arrived at one of the things that a lot of people baulk at. Putting your mind at ease anal sex can be really enjoyable…more



Journal Entry

This has nothing to do with BDSM but I want a bit of a whinge about it. When did politeness and respect ever disappear from the world????…more

Simple Rules


I thought this to be something I needed to write about and it rings true, or should ring true for everyone. It sort of addresses the fine balance of any D/s relationship…more

Sub Drop / Top Drop


Drop may occur for a Top or bottom and they can sometimes be different where the Top seems to suffer to a lesser degree it has enough merit to mention in this article…more



People  sometimes believe that intimacy means sex and that is so far from the truth. The intimacy I share with Sir touches my heart, my mind and my soul. It is the conduit that carries our love into each other… more

Gallery Five

Erotic Images

Some beautiful images for you to enjoy…more



This is something that can be so very pleasurable or one of the hardest things to have to do. It is the act of masturbating to the point of orgasm then stopping and being denied the ultimate satisfaction. It can be a discipline or a delightful tease depending on your kink… more

Just a note to our readers

Journal Entry

At this moment in time I have a very serious health problem that requires me to have chemotherapy. I have had Radiotherapy and having something to write for, has given me something to occupy my down time… more

Oral Sex


Now I expect everyone reading this will understand the mechanics of oral sex. Basically it is the stimulation of the genitals with the mouth and tongue. Simple really. However, there are a few things I like to bear in mind. Now I am going to have to be a little crude…more

Gallery Three

Erotic Images

Yet more pictures for you to enjoy… more

What a Dominant Does to a Submissive

  Journal Entry

I could make broad strokes of my writing with a paintbrush that would not give an accurate vision so I will keep this strictly to me and how being submissive to my Sir has affected my life and what he has done to me. That sounds ominous but please read on…more

Torment vs Torture


Words, words, words…  they have different meanings but they are powerful words and can misguide you.  A lot of people would say those two words mean the same thing but to me they mean something entirely different. Bare in mind I am not the all powerful god of knowing but in this site I can only tell you how I feel… more


Journal Entry

In the world today there are mean spirited people that sometimes gives us their hate. You will not find it here. You will find messages of celebration in the diversity of mankind. So look at these images and understand that every person is beautiful… more

Orgasm or Forced Orgasm


Orgasm, you might say, seems easy, but there is a high percentage of women that have never achieved an orgasm. However, in this day and age sex is more open to discussion. Men seem to find this whole process easy and if they do not have a partner, they are able to take matters into their own hands.  Women too…

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Gallery Two

Erotic Images

Some more pictures for you to enjoy. If you have a comment to make please use the section at the bottom of the page…. more



Humiliation sounds terrible but it can be exciting to some submissives. It can also be fun.

Mild forms of humiliation such as:-

  • Spanking.
  • Being made to stand in the corner as discipline. It can be for an hour or more and you feel so embarrassed…. more

The Basics of BDSM


As this is the very beginning of this sojourn into BDSM, Sir and I will start with the basics.

It doesn’t get more basic than this. B bondage, D dominance, S sadism and M masochism.

There are so many myths surrounding the whole BDSM lifestyle and I hope we can help…more

Gallery One

Erotic Images.

From time to time I will be posting erotic art for your enjoyment. All images I got from and are copy right free. So please kick back and enjoy them. If you have a comment to make please use the section at the bottom of the page….more

The Journey Begins

  Journal Entry

Thanks for joining us! Sir and kitten’s guide for a great BDSM relationshipmore

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