Subspace is a state of mind associated with BDSM activity. It is a pleasant state of mind that submissives love to experience. It is described as floating or feeling detached. A submissive can enter into subspace as a result of the sensations they get from their Dominant. It is a sense of intense focus, and a submissive can lose awareness of everything going on around them. All they will feel is the actions of their partner. It is a highly pleasant and desirable state. The feeling of floating or detachment can occur when a submissive is completely attune to what their partner’s are doing. They have intense concentration on what is being done to them by their partner and their reactions to it. At the same time this draws their attention away from everything else. This can mean they lose awareness of what’s going on around them and, in some cases, they can lose the feelings of other parts of their body.

This detachment which occurs affects the submissive’s mind and can lead to a number of positive things, like any previous pressing or urgent problems in their lives. It can be pushed out of awareness, at least for the duration of the scene and for a short time after. This allows the time in subspace to give the submissive an escape from worry or stress. It can even recharge their batteries. I certainly do not recommend doing this just to achieve a break from your troubles and woes. I never post things that give the impression that any part of this lifestyle is a treatment of mental illness. I do post information for you to understand some of the more unknown pleasures of submission.

Feelings of physically floating can occur when a submissive loses awareness of the parts of their bodies on which they are standing, sitting, laying or being suspended. The most favourable conditions for this to occur are when the temperature is not too hot or cold, and when the submissive is stationary and resting on a comfortable or soft surface. These are the best circumstances in which their attention can be drawn away from their bodies and the feeling of floating can occur.

In all of this, what we see is an inward direction of awareness and focus at the expense of awareness of what’s happening to the rest of the body and also thoughts.

Going hand-in-hand with the intense focus of subspace is an often-intense psychological vulnerability, at least during the course of scene, due to the submissive trying to open themselves up more and more to their partner.

They do this because the more they let their defences drop, the more they subject themselves to the experiences and emotions. It keeps them in subspace. As noted, subspace is often highly desirable. But as their defences drop, the submissive makes themselves vulnerable to other things at the same time.

Trust plays a big role here as a submissive will only let their psychological or physical barriers down when they are confident that their partner will act appropriately, that things are touched—emotionally, physically, sexually, and psychologically which are supposed to be touched. There limits and safe words must be respected.

As one result of intense focus is that a submissive can lose some or all awareness of parts of their body because they are focussing so much on something else. This can have physical, medical or physiological consequences because a submissive in such a state may not notice problems themselves. They may not become aware of blood circulation problems during a bondage scene and their leg, for example, may start to go to sleep and they may not notice it or they may strain a muscle while struggling against restraints (as some submissives are wont to do) without realising.

It’s often up to the dominant to be waiting, and acting correctly to both prevent problems occurring in the first place, and reacting quickly when they do.

Subspace often, but not always, occurs as a result of intense stimulation of the submissive. This intense stimulation can come from:

  • Pain play
  • Strong sensation like forced orgasms
  • Intense mind play such as humiliation and mind fucks.

All of these are done to the submissive by their partner. Subspace is a highly desirable state for them both.

Subspace can also be purely a psychological response without any intensity involved. Researchers have observed, for example, that some forms of bondage and can lead to feelings of floating or detachment even without the involvement of pain usually associated with physical engagements, or even without a BDSM context at all.

Intense physical or psychological experiences may also trigger reactions or changes in brain chemistry. The exact nature of it is still being looked into but, adrenaline and related chemicals are likely involved. These can heighten awareness and help the submissive be very “in the moment”.

In addition, when prolonged pain is involved, endorphins and the body’s own natural pain suppressants are likely released to help the person deal with the pain. These latter can produce a natural high.

After the scene your Dominant needs to take care of you until you have completely recovered. If left alone it may take the submissive a while to recover and might lead to feelings of being abandoned.

Recovery from subspace will usually take up to 30 minutes after the play stops and recovery best occurs in peace and quiet. Many submissives find the presence of their partner during recovery to be highly desirable

Avoid creating challenging situations for someone in subspace and avoid teasing them. Teasing can be taken at face value by someone in subspace and this may lead to a poor outcome.

I have told you both sides of the coin and I hope I haven’t put you off of it. It really is a nice place to be.

I have spoken to S. about it and he tells me there is a similar feeling for the Dominant. The sight of me in subspace or engaged in a scene that is giving me powerful feelings of pleasure, he responds hugely to it. He also gets a deep focus but he never loses focus of what is happening around us. If anything he becomes more aware. Yes he has a physical response but it is more than that. It may not be as strong as subspace but it is something for your Doms to consider. The full sensations for S. come after play and he knows I am fine.


Have fun and be safe


S. and K.



6 Comments on “Subspace

    • I think that most submissive people do enjoy it. It is like the eye of a cyclone, where the rage of the storm passes and that peace suddenly passes over you. The best bit is the rest of the storm doesn’t happen. That calm and peace remains with you for a while. ❤

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  1. Ah yes, the mental vacation!
    I don’t know about you but for me it helps with pain management as well. A rested mind helps to better navigate the chronic pain of the day to day, without pain killers.


  2. It is strange thing to me that rope, forced orgasms or impact play can bring such peace and for a while it can ease the pain. I also find the pleasure of the scene lasts longer than the subspace. I call it my purring stage. I have a mind that is about to relive moments in time.I think that is because I meditate so often. Better than pills by a mile!.

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    • I don’t find it strange at all, in fact I have written about it a few times and I have found others who experience it as well!
      Sometimes simply having the Bear pull on my collar at night before bed will be enough to send chemicals through my body that help relax and act as a pain reliever. The mind is a very powerful thing.


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