I have had the courage to look deep within my soul and lurking in the shadows was a savage. Picture a room that is black as jet and even though I wrenched the door open I could see nothing but a cloying, overwhelming, darkness. I could hear the snarls coming from within and for a while I was too frightened to look deeper. Deep, glowing amber eyes opened and the snarling grew louder. I was afraid and the temptation to slam the door closed swamped my mind. I am still clasping the heavy padlock. Then my backbone straightened and I refused to be cowed by this part of me.  I felt this creature was hurting and longs for the light of day. It is cruel for it to be locked away in this dungeon as it felt like there was no place within me it could co-exist with the rest of my being. It was wild, feral and unpredictable.

I slow whispered soft words and reached out with my hand. My fingers tangled in soft fur. The growling ceased and I grew bolder. I quietly asked, ‘Who are you?’

It answered, ‘I am you. A part of you. The wild and savage you. I am the bit that scares you, the unrestrained and primal you.’

‘Who locked you in here?’ My voice was timid and trembling.

‘Why, you did. You have glimpsed me at times and you were afraid of me, so you locked me up.’

I continued to stroke this amazing creature, I am feeling the power of it’s body. It is almost as tall as me. ‘I’m going to set you free.’

‘Are you ready for me and is it safe for you to do it?’


I walk back outside into the light, turn and watch the open door. Slowly the wolf emerges from the darkness. The light shimmers around it and it slowly changed into a version of me. I can feel the danger in her. The savage heart beating with mine. She walked to me and stepped in.

We are one.

I feel the heat of her. I snarl and my hands curl up so her talons dig into my palms. She is powerful and she is hungry. Scratch that, I am powerful and I am hungry. Her golden eyes grow into my brown eyes and the glow remains. The passion and sexual need fills my mind. I am wound tight and I’m ready to spring. I need, I simply need. Now where is my S.?


S. and K.




2 Comments on “The Savage In My Soul

  1. Finally, you let her out I’ve been waiting and waiting. Now come and find we if you can tiger


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