IMHO means in my humble opinion for people who don’t recognise the letters. Blogging is all about opinions well mine is. A lot of people shy away from the word ‘opinionated’. I embrace it I share my opinions with all of you. Even the dictionary places some really bad connotations to the word and it is a long list. I am always humble with opinions and don’t expect my opinions to be your opinions. I embrace anyone else’s opinions, consider them and if they apply to me I embrace them even more.

What I post here is my humble opinion and my aim is to simply provoke thought. Perhaps it will stir you to post you own thoughts in your own blogs. With our little network we actually do make a great deal of sense between us. There are such a lot of talented writers and I spend a lot of time reading all of your posts.

If any of my opinions upset or you think it is dangerous then please leave a comment I would quite happily change the post or remove it. It is not my aim to upset anyone. I also strive to put trigger warnings on any controversial posts I make. I know that Fet have changed their Terms of Use and you are no longer able to post anything about blood sports or show pictures with blood in it. I am not sure if they are stopping the consensual/non consensual scenes or not but I have removed mine. It was my choice. I also think Rape scenes are being removed. The Sesta/Foster team have been the ones responsible for all this craziness in the USA. Even if I post trigger warnings and make it obvious I am fore warned in the scene of any play along these lines it still may be viewed as against TOU in Fet. C/NC is a very common fantasy of many women.

However I do not place any negative thoughts about others that do post these things. I am not judgemental at all. I have read some very sexy erotic tales about it. The freedom of speech is very important to me. Also I find pictures that do show blood as a result from a scene to be wonderful. I find them that way as a result of the courage shown by the person featured in the picture. I am not that brave. I applaud people that can take a wooden paddle with holes. That is a hard limit for me. I love whips, floggers and leather paddles. To take it on the bare is amazing. Please keep writing those amazing posts. I am talking to you dayliacatt!

Back to the subject again. I will keep posting my opinions if you don’t mind and I hope you will keep reading them. I love reading your opinions too so keep writing.


S. and K.


7 Comments on “I.M.H.O.

  1. I love reading your take on these things love 😊 When it comes to emphasising safety during scenes and bringing awareness to what a healthy D/s dynamic looks like, your blog is one of the best I’ve come across for being educational on that front 😊
    Just my own opinion here: It takes an awful lot to offend me so you don’t have to worry about me getting a bee in my bonnet lol 😂
    Keep writing 💓 V x


    • Love your opinions and you can always share them here. I do like the other side of the coin when people have their own opinions and make a comment. Thank you for the complements. ❤


  2. You know how I feel darling opinions should be voiced often, but resectfully. I adore your opinions


  3. Opinions, I believe, are important to share. We have our opinions on things and how we see things, but to get another person’s perspective and opinion is always educational and makes us think as well.
    As well as let us know there are those out there that share our opinions and support us which is wonderful. 🙂
    Keep up the great wonderful blogs you post! xx


    • I think you hit on the magic word here “share”, so many people today are married to their Ok I ion and are unwilling to change. Personally I’ve never had an opinion a good argument couldn’t change

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      • Exactly! There is so much to learn from others. Being open and listening to others helps us all not be so unmoving in how we believe.


  4. Wow, thank you all. Every once in a while it is healthy to look back and question the things you have written to make sure you are not working through the ego but presenting open honest opinions. I know I can reply on you all to keep me honest lol. I know S. keeps his eye on me and what I write. Some of your comments add to the original post and that to me is the best thing of all. Thank you for your kind comments I really appreciate them.



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