There are some kinds of Tops that like the formality of their bottoms kneeling in certain poses to accent their submission and they like them to learn them all. There are many ways to kneel and also to lay. They also each have a name. It is also possible to train your bottom to recognize hand gestures for each pose. I have no problem with people that enjoy that kind of formal conditioning and often they look very beautiful. There are, however, two reason I can’t go along with it.

    1. This is a physical thing. Due to the fact I was very active in my youth. (God that makes me feel so bloody old). I played squash, tennis, I figure skated. I walked for miles and I did ballet. If I could go back and change all of that, I would not changed a thing. I had fun. However it left me with two badly ruined knees. I went through the normal routes of having cortisone injections into them. Choice of last resort was knee replacements done on both knees as the constant pain was messing with my moods. What people don’t know usually is that kneeling is not really possible as it puts too much pressure on the way the knee works after surgery. Pile about four pillows on the floor first and I can sort of kneel, but not for long. That fact has ruined something for me. When kneeling with S. in front of me it brings my mouth just the right height for doing one of my most favourite pastimes.  So we have to get inventive ~chuckles~.  This is the biggest reason. I hate restrictions like this.
  1. I think one of the most beautiful sights in BDSM is the sight of a submissive kneeling. It is iconic. I am not adverse to being asked to lay in a certain way because I am physically able to do that. For me, and for me only, I would feel like a dog being trained with words or gestures. I love if S. asks me to assume a position but I know he will describe how he would like me to lay and I do as he wishes. It isn’t an order and he says it gently and coaxingly. Some poses I find humiliating but I still do them as I like a little humiliation. I have never been fond of ‘sit’, ‘laydown’, ‘roll over’ or ‘die for the queen.’ If I saw a bottom that did do that, strike a pose, I would find it incredibly beautiful. It is a case of YKINMK. (Your kink is not my kink).

If I do kneel down on my plinth of pillows it is because I want to show my respect to my darling no matter if it hurts. That is my choice not a request from S. I have to make a funny observation and it is way off topic but have you noticed a lot of masochists love the kiss of the flogger or whip but if they hurt their joints etc. the pain is unbearable. That always hits me and I am just as guilty of it.

The reason for this blog is be true to yourself. If you are feeling dog like in your training speak up because if it continues it may build resentment, but that is my next blog.

S and K


4 Comments on “Kneeling

  1. We have a couple of times when kneeling is part of the ritual and I do enjoy them but there have been things changed over time due to physical issues. Some times the change is just that day, sometimes it’s permanent. Creativity! *wink* I hear yah!

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