Here is a challenge for you. Write 50 things about yourself that we might not know. They don’t have to be earth shattering, just interesting.

  1. I love dancing in the rain.
  2. I love to wear sexy lingerie.
  3. I live in jeans.
  4. I love to do housework. Yeah, crazy I know, but if the house looks good I feel good.
  5. I love Pizza.
  6. I don’t drink.
  7. I don’t do recreational drugs.
  8. I have Bipolar.
  9. I love to laugh.
  10. I love to make other people laugh.
  11. I can be sarcastic.
  12. I sometimes like to dress as a Goth.
  13. I love when S. dresses Goth with me and he even wears eyeliner and black nail polish. If you want to know what that is like, check out Blue October’s ‘Hate Me’ and you will know what he looks like. They look similar (the one without the heavy beard lol). The song is good too.
  14. I adore music.
  15. I am a rock chick.
  16. I love blogging.
  17. I love when S. picks out things for me to wear.
  18. I love when he comes shopping with me and picks out clothes for me.
  19. I love to cook.
  20. I love when S. cooks.
  21. I love family dinners.
  22. I love preparing a romantic meal just for us. Candles and all.
  23. I can be super critical about my body. S. does not put up with it and it is a disciplining offence. Oh the damned corner.
  24. I love to encourage people to see themselves as I see them. Which is beautiful.
  25. I have given up my need to help everyone and simply now just answer emails that ask for advice.
  26. I know I over share on this blog. I hope you don’t dislike it.
  27. I am strong.
  28. I am free.
  29. I am submissive to S. Only to him.
  30. I am bi-sexual. I would only ever have a relationship with a woman if S. is with me.
  31. I am monogamous.
  32. I have a girl crush on Jessie J and Amy Lee (lead singer of Evinessence), even if I can’t spell the band’s name.
  33. I am hungry for words and if I hear a new one I will look up the meaning in a dictionary.
  34. I write fantasy books, dragons, unicorns and faeries etc. I have also written Sci Fi and erotica.
  35. I am on the second book in the series.
  36. S. edits the books and helps with plot twists.
  37. I trust people way too easily.
  38. It is easy to hurt me emotionally.
  39. I am a rebel.
  40. I love swimming. I am a water baby.
  41. I love when S. cooks on the BBQ. (grill)
  42. I adore giving oral sex. It’s a thing lol.
  43. I am a true masochist.
  44. I can be a brat and when I am it takes a strong hand to rein me in.
  45. I am so happy S. has a strong hand.
  46. I hate being made to stand in a corner as a form of discipline.
  47. I am an eager learner with new things sexually and other things too.
  48. I swear, maybe just a tad too much but never in polite company.
  49. I love my life and the warm blanket of love my S. shows me that keeps me warm and safe.
  50. I adore S. with everything I am. This one is kind of obvious really but I had to end with it.

Have fun with this.


S. and K.


kitten with too much catnip.

10 Comments on “Challenge

  1. Oh this goes good with my list of things that make me happy!! I will do this too. Thank you for a great idea!! xx


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