I want to write this in a way that does not put down the nature of this post at all, and I will put it in the deeply sexual nature of what happened to me tonight. More over it was with my Alpha Male, my wonderful S. and it is not a lone experience.

I am a member of Fetlife and I follow a lot of blogs on here but as yet I have not read a positive word about it. The subject is Vanilla Sex. Even the words sound negative. There was nothing negative about what we shared. It is true I could not live a completely life without my kinks. I have come too far understanding me to change that fact. However vanilla sex is still a big part of our life. There are times S. doesn’t want to tie me down, spank or whip me, or play mind fuck games. He wants to make love and that is fine with me. Yes there was an echo of D/s within it when he said he wanted to turn me on so much I need to orgasm and he wants me to beg for release. Which I did.

He touched my body like he was a blind man reading a book. He made me shiver and goose bumps covered my skin. He explored all of me with his hands. Just touching, tickling, and probing. He kneaded my skin to make me relax and I soaked it all up.

He knows my body better than I do. He knows all  the little erogenous places that only a lover can and he stroked them all until I was gasping for air. I swore at the start that this was a competition. That he himself would fold before I did, I mean he was just touching me. I would not beg for orgasm with that. The neck, the shoulders, the back was just the beginning. He was naked and I could tell how turned on he was.  Then he massaged my thighs, and touched me intimately. He had me babbling and begging very quickly. He sure knows how to make this kitten purr. It ended in many O’s and bodies merging until it was impossible to know where I ended and he began.

Now back to the ‘V’ word. To me love making would be a better fit. I don’t want it all the time but I would miss it if we never went there. Not everyone can just have D/s action all the time. To me love making rounds out my experiences to balance my sexuality and I thank god that S. knows me so well. However, everything we share is love making, even if it has a belt or a whip in it.

I guess this should be treated as just another label I don’t like.

Every thing S. and I share in life is making considered decisions between the two of us. He holds the key to, well, to me. So, having said all this, Vanilla sex will be hence forth be known as love making, just like the rest of our sexual life.


S. and K.



5 Comments on “Not Always The Same

  1. The more I learn about these avenues and the community, the more I am glad I have no part in it. Why do people have to have a say about someone else’s wants and needs anyway? And why should life be all one way or the other? What’s wrong with balance and doing what comes natural at the time?
    Good post Kitten, thanks for sharing that! ❤


  2. Nothing wrong with it at all. I am glad you aren’t on Fet as it is a mean place for sweet people. You need to know exactly what you are in for there and how to protect yourself. I am fine because I have a partner and I don’t encourage friends. S. always looks at any requests to be my friend and if they are nice he leaves it up to me if I want them or not. It can be a great place. I belong because S. likes me there to be there for him plus it does have some great events that we would not know about other wise. I felt it was important to promote balance in all things really. ❤

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    • I truly does seem like it’s more trouble than it’s worth, for me. I have enough other issues, searching out new ones is not on my agenda! LoL
      Good Luck to you and S.!!


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