My darling S. has helped me through many minefields since we met over 12 years ago. I was a lost person, lost in memories and abuse. Step by step he helped me through the toughest of times. Gradually I became strong and today I am able to stand on my own and make my own choices in life.

He has seen me come from a lifestyle as a slave. I feared freedom. Again, holding my hand he navigated the minefield beside me. Now I can stand on my own and navigate the world as a free spirit.

He has seen me come from a need to be owned and attached to a man. Again holding my hand through that minefield. If I fell he helped me up again. Now I can stand alone and feel the power of independence.

When we found each other I would dumb myself down to fit under a man’s intelligence. Afraid to surpass him. While the other lessons were hard at times this was the most fun. Now we have the best conversations and we can talk for hours.

He is my man, the love of my life and considering how I feel now I could do anything in life yet I find power in my submission. The TPE feels amazing and nothing like it was before I met him. He says the most erotic thing about my submission, is there is fire in my eyes and for a split second he sees me rebel. Then I choose to submit. That turns him on more than any other thing.

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