I issued a request of kitten. I wanted to watch her playing with herself but I wanted her to do it in the nastiest, dirtiest way she could think of. I love to watch her body when she agrees to indulge me with a kinky request and my mind is buried firmly in the voyeuristic pursuits when it comes to her. To look at her, she seems as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth but under that façade she is a very kinky minx.

The more delectably she does this, the harder I will fuck her. Her pale skin is like an alabaster statue. I could see her thinking and then she does that little smile which means she has thought of something and by the looks of it, it is going to be wicked. She turns to me and crooks her finger to indicate I should follow her. I must admit I am getting hard just wondering what she is going to do. I follow her and she leads me upstairs and we head for our bedroom. She takes up her position in front of our bedroom window. I get on the bed and lay down with pillows support my shoulders. I put my hands behind my head and relax. I  have a good view of her from where I have settled on the bed. I give her a broad smile and say, ‘Make me hard baby.’

She glances out the window and I know she can see in the neighbour’s garden. I can also see Mr. Brown mowing his lawn and I grin at her for her wonderful dirty mind. She takes a deep breath then begins to slowly take off her clothes, swaying her hips seductively to a song in her head. She is brazen and performs like an expert stripper. She has never done this while there was a chance to involve the neighbour. He is older and a widower and has always been good to us.

She faces the window and slowly unbuttons her little crop top, and the soft material slides down her arms. She throws it across the room and I get a view of her breasts. This whole situation has me hard but I want to wait before I unzip my pants. Kitten unbuttons skirt and wiggles a little until it fell at her feet. She had panties on as we had gone out and her skirt is so short. She turns her butt to the window, looked up at me and smiled. She slowly slides off her panties and she opens her legs and wiggles her ass.

I leaned over and looked down at Mr. Brown who was crouching beside his mower looking as if he is working on the motor but his eyes are on my darling girl. The movement at the window has caught his attention. Kitten moves her fingers between her legs and starts teasing herself by rubbing her fingers either side of her clit. I could see  how much this was turning her on so she had to move her fingers slowly or she would cum too soon. The minx was drawing it out.

I reach over and look in the bedside draws and found her favourite black dildo. I toss it gently to her and it lands between her legs. She looks up and smiles at me. I wink and just let her carry on. She picks it up and rubs it between the lips of her sex. she is so slick it slips inside her easily.

Softly I say, ‘Oh baby you are such a dirty needy slut.’ She looks up at me and smiles and say, ‘Thank you, Sir.’

I look down to the garden and I can see Mr. Brown fumbling between his legs. Now I can see the reason he crouched down. He can’t tear his eyes away from her. She is putting on a wonderful show.

I she begins to use the dildo with a purpose. She looks at me and asks, ‘Can I cum Sir?’

I have unzipped my fly and got out my hard cock and begin to slowly stroke it. I look at my darling girl and say, ‘Keep going for a little while longer. You can cum in a little while just let him enjoy you.’

She says nothing but lets out a low moan. Oh that sound excites me more than anything because it means she is very close. I don’t know about Mr. Brown, I am so hard it hurts. What kitten doesn’t know is that I am going to fuck her in that very window.

Quietly she begs, ‘Please Sir I need to cum I can’t hold back.’

‘Cum my dirty little slut.’ Almost instantly she cums and squirts. It hits the window and rolls down the pane. Her belly rolls and her thighs quiver in a massive orgasm. She removes her dildo and turns around to face the window. I quietly get off the bed and when I am behind her I let my pants drop and I pull her to me. I slide into her so easily. She cries out and then pushes back to me. Every ready for me our bodies move and mould together. Her ass is spankable, her waist is tiny and my hands hold her steady. I can see Mr Brown’s hand working his cock furiously.

I tangle my hands into kittens hair and pull so her face is raised and she could see Mr. Brown. His hand is moving furiously.

Kitten gasps and rasps, ‘Please can I cum?’

‘Wait for me, darling.’

She let’s out that low moan again. I am fucking her furiously and her resilient little body takes all that I am giving her. I am so aroused I am drilling her tight pussy. Her whole body is jolted. I show no mercy and she doesn’t beg for it. I know this is punishing her body. Her tits are bouncing hard and I tell her to maul them. I want every part of this to be hard, punishing. The thing is, she loves it. She punishing her tits. This tips me over and I can’t hold back. ‘Cum with me angel.’  I drive into her hard and I fill her with my cum. She screams out my name and cums with me. I can feel her cunt quivering around my cock.

It also looks as if Mr. Brown has enjoyed himself too.

I pull kitten upright by her hair and she leans back into me. I kiss her shoulder and nip the soft skin. I whisper in her ear and say, ‘My darling you are amazing.’

‘Thank you Sir.’

I slip from her and pick her up. I carry her to the bathroom and run a bath. We settle into the warm water. I am behind her and she is leaning back against my chest. I soap up her breasts. I am concerned she is tired but not this girl. She rolls over and kisses me deeply. I laugh and say, ‘You are insatiable young lady.’

‘Come on darling, that was just the entrée.’

‘So do I have to tie you down until you beg to be released?’

‘Now that sounds like fun to me.’

I reach around her and slap her ass hard and leave a nice red handprint….


S. and K.


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  1. So I just got off the phone the contractor will be here on Monday to put that picture window in the bedroom kitten. Your right it’s a great idea. As always darling you have a fantastical dirty mind and I love you


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