This is about the Patient Submissive just like every Twue Dom deserves.

He Says, ‘Please make me a coffee, pet.

She says, with a smile but glaring eyes, ‘Yes Sir’

  • She thinks get off your ass and get your own f–king coffee. This is your twentieth cup.

He says, ‘Kneel before your Master.’

She kneels and lowers her head.

  • She thinks, That is right I have scrubbed your damned floors on my hands and knees, with a tooth brush. Now you want me to kneel. F–K off you demanding bastard.

He says, ‘Who do you belong to?’

She says ‘You Sir.’

  • She thinks, ‘If you cared about my body you wouldn’t ask me to kneel after I have scrubbed your f–king floors with a tooth brush. This is my body because you have shown you don’t give F–k about it.

He says, ‘Have you been a good girl today, because I rang the land line and you didn’t answer the phone?’

She says, ‘I’m sorry Sir, I didn’t hear the phone.’

  • I was outside hanging out your clothes on the line. You like them dried in the sun because it makes them smell better. I had to wash them by hand and I have scrubbed with my hands until they bled. F–k off, you fussy bastard.

He says, ‘I asked for soft boiled eggs these are hard boiled.’

She says, ‘I am sorry Sir, can I make you another two?’

  • She thinks, I wonder how that f–king egg would look thrust on your nose?’

He says, ‘I would like Hungarian Goulash for dinner tonight, and serve it on your body.’

She says, ‘Yes Sir.’

  • She thinks, ‘That’s it, I won’t be here tonight. I’ll leave a respectful note that says something to boost his ego like, f–k off you demanding, fussy, selfish, mother f–cker. Good luck trying to find another submissive, or should I say sucker?’

She writes the note, put’s it on the hall table and walks out. She wonders how she could have lasted as long as she had. Climbing into her car, she wonders how she could ever have stayed those long two days.


S. and K.




9 Comments on “The Patient Submissive

      • I’m sorry it is just satire. Never meant it to be read seriously. I didn’t mean to make it sound serious and never say sorry hun I don’t mind questions of any type.

        Liked by 1 person

      • dayliacatt of course you can keep a copy. I don’t even mind if you re-post it. You can also copy any pics you like unless it is one with the watermark as they are of me. I am so glad you liked it. I was in a silly mood yesterday and hence some silly posts were made here and on fet. I should possibly not post when this silly.


      • Tara I want to thank you because you have made me see something because I too have mistaken satire for reality. I am going to make sure each post is marked in plain view so no one mistakes it for my reality or anyone else’s. Lol my S. asked me if people thought he was that bad but I can assure everyone he is amazing to, me including him. You actually helped me sweetheart, I am always looking to find ways to improve our blog. ❤
        To everybody, if you see the word Twue Dom, it is satire.


  1. This is hilarious and can I say, sometimes even a true sub can have these thoughts. Can I be cheeky and keep a copy of this ? Xxx


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