I must been the only girl in the world that does not like masturbating unless it happens in a scene. Yes, when I am desperate I will do it, but I don’t fantasize when I do. To me it is just a physical release when my body demands it. If S. is ill he gives me permission to orgasm when I have a bath, which I do every day. I just don’t masturbate every day, just take the bath. I had to look at this and wonder if it was a lessening of my libido? It can’t be that because whenever S. is ready for a scene, my engine is revving. I also don’t  have religious beliefs that prevent me.

I was forced to look deeper. When I do it, yes it feels nice but one single orgasm is never enough. I can go for ages cumming over and over yet when I stop I feel empty. I have tried with fingers, vibrators, vibrating butt plugs, just about all the toys you can think of. I’m still left with that empty feeling. So I was forced to understand that S. is the key.

When S. touches me I respond so powerfully and I get caught up in him. Where he touches me, how he touches me. Soft tickly strokes, harder mauling grasps they all sweep me up. We can even be having vanilla sex as we do rarely but even then he drives me wild. His hands and lips build me up to that point where I think I will die if I don’t have an orgasm.

Now edging excites me more than I can say but all the time, I know he will be there at the end, ready to make cum over and over. He can deny me that orgasm at first but I know, in the end I will cum in copious amounts. I will beg and plead for release but he sometimes makes me wait for an age. When I do cum there are fireworks, my body explodes and then he begins to build me up again. I don’t have that power in my own fingers.

S. plays my body like Eric Clapton plays his guitar. He tunes me then draws amazing music from me and my body. He knows how important touch is to me and he draws it out. His fingers strum me his lips sets fire to me and his tongue drives me wild. That tongue dances over my clitoris until I am screaming. That tongue can become merciless, making me cum and cum and cum. Then this girl is on fire. He makes me desperate to have him inside me. When he does the orchestra plays a symphony.

Nothing can replace that for me.

Now S. is ill with bronchitis and he has been laid up in bed. I can see him getting better and I know we will be ready for me. That is something that makes me very excited for two reasons, he is getting better, and he will take my problem from me. When he starts to flirt I know I am in for a good time. Until then I will be polishing up my flirting skills.


S. and k.



5 Comments on “This Girl Is On Fire

    • Indi, my darling I know of your situation and one thing I should have put in that this is like it is because I am with a partner. I very much feel why do it alone when he is in another part of the house. That is my frustration.

      However I was alone for a long while and my only release was my fingers and toys. That was fulfilling. I didn’t crave a man or a woman as I was unwilling to re-enter the scene and I was also a little afraid of trying vanilla. I felt satisfied, fulfilled and rather proud of how good I made myself feel.


  1. No, you are not the only one who doesn’t like to play alone! *wink* I don’t enjoy it and never feel satisfied, I rarely do play and usually it’s because Sir has been busy or under the weather and He tells me to. It’s a physical release but at this point in our journey even that is barely noticeable.

    Our life has had many ‘downs’ this past 2 years and it’s not unusual for me to go a couple of months in between O’s! (like complete ones I wrote about a bit ago.) I still don’t ask or want to play alone! Wish I did ….

    Hope everyone gets better SOON! *wink*


    • nijntje, we all go through times when life seems to get between O’s but we sort it out and things get back to normal. So many people assume that if you are in a D/s relationship you don’t have differences. You do. As S. says ‘Make up sex is amazing.’ I don’t mean to trivialize your experience’s I am just sending you loads of fluffy balloons of love! ❤

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      • Well it’s not our relationship or our differences but thank you for the fluffy balloons none the less!! *giggle* I love that thought. *grin*

        My boys have both gone through mental health issues and the youngest was being triggered by anything D/s or noise, of any sort. Quiet as a mouse is not my ‘style’ if you will and well any impact play has sound as well. *shrug*

        The short of it is that my/our sex life had to become secondary to his mental health. Things are looking up now so we are starting to add things back in, like the day collar for example.

        Hmmm, I think it might be time to write a new update on the D/s site, there have been new followers come along that probably don’t know any of this either! LoL Might make some posts easier to understand. 😀 I had thought about a while ago, I guess it’s time!
        Anyway, thanks Kitten!


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