I have selected these ballads because I like them. There are no hidden meaning in any of them. I might have picked it because they might be classics or the sound of the singers voice. I know some of them are rock power ballads but I love them too Please just enjoy.


S. is my angel.

This song is a classic I know so it had to be in



This has special memories for Sc.




I love the bit about loving until I’m 70 but have to ask if I will still be flying (suspension) then?’

This is for S. but please excuse Tom Cruise. Close your eyes and just listen.


This is for my S.

Love, love, love this song.

Ok I found this and the weird clip caught my eye.

I love this song so had to include it.

S. Loves this band so I put this in for him.

Can you tell by this collection I am a rocker chick?

Sometimes I find songs that are covers and I like it better than the original as with this one.

I know this is a power ballad but it crept in here. I know I find obscure things.

I just chanced upon this band and loved them.

Yes another X factor song but these guys deserve a play.

I love this song more than Phil Collins but it deserved being included.

Amy Winehouse was such a great singer, it was sad she died.

A classic song.

I know everyone loves the Roberta Flack version but as I am posting this I reserve the right to put the one I love more ~ poking my tongue out ~

I love Alicia Keys

How romantic is this one?

Ok I am a fan of Nickelback please don’t groan

This is for S.

Had to put the man in black for S.

I had to end with this one.

S. & K.


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