Body image is a thing that we all have, yet it isn’t talked about as much as it should. Ask anyone what part of their body they love they will usually um and ah about it. Ask a person what they hate about their body they will answer quickly and also have a list. This in not the domain of women. Men feel this way too.

As I have had a great deal of mental health therapy I can tell you what was said to me. If you keep telling yourself that you hate your body it will become a truth in your mind and it can destroy your confidence. So right now I am battling a huge weight loss I suffered because of cancer. I am diabetic too so I have to eat healthy things and I can’t just drink thickshakes or eat tons of burgers. Sometimes gaining weight can be just as hard as losing weight.

I put the image at the top of the post because women such as her were considered beautiful. Not many Old Masters show pictures of short stick thin women in them but I am not putting myself down. I know this will change for me. S. still adores my body so that is all that matters and I keep that in mind.

I was once given a thing to do to improve my body image problems. I was asked to stand naked in front of a mirror and say the words, ‘I love and approve of myself just as I am.’

I couldn’t do it looking in the big mirror so I thought my eyes are nice so I started with a tiny makeup mirror. I could do that easily. Then the size of the mirror grew and so did my confidence. The words ‘fake it til you make it’ really are true. You will feel better.

Now for all you people that have loving partners, remember they love you and adore your body. So quit putting it down. So you gained some weight and they haven’t said I don’t love you like this you can assume he still loves your body. If they complain and tell you to lose or gain weight, kick their arse. Your body is wonderful as it is. Tell them that too. If you want to lose or gain weight, do it for YOU not for anyone else. Please don’t feel that anything will change if you have a different body shape. Unless it is for medical reasons, nothing else changes. You will gain confidence if you reach a goal weight but your mind doesn’t change. You will also still have the same body image woes but different ones.

S. does not have a six pack. He doesn’t have guns when he poses. He might have a little bit of a tummy and his knees are on the way out. And I adore his body, it is the bit that houses an amazing man. He is really sexy and I would not change one little thing about him.

He loves my body and has told me he thinks heroin chic is sexy but I know he likes a rounder butt to spank. I have scars and stretch marks. My knees let me down so does my back. Lol I sound like a wreck but it is me. It is all I have and I love and approve of myself as I am right now. I can also say that standing in front of a big mirror.

skinny me sandk

Skinny Pins Me. Sorry for picture quality but you get the idea

Now the biggest mistake women and men make is comparing them selves to models and actors. Please don’t do that! The women barely eat, and the men live on protein shakes and work out for hours every day. I would rather carry some weight and enjoy a Sunday roast every week.

To boost your confidence you can do something that is a little daring. Take a photo of your body without showing your face and post it on your blog. Yes I hear you all gasping in shock. You also may be shaking your head. There is a lady on WordPress called Indigo and she never shows her face. She is an older lady she drapes her body in sheer material. They are incredibly sexy pics. You can take pictures of your feet, your knees, your hands and arms. Just play with the idea. Also you can work on pics on your computer that add effects. When I double click on a picture in my files it pops up in a new window and you can click on edit and there are lots of things you can do with it. The reason I say take pictures of yourself you will have people saying how good you look. Say you have big feet and you hate them, take a pic and let people know what you think of them in a short way, say ‘Too Big?’ and people respond. I am lucky as I have paint shop pro and I can put a sort of watermark on pictures. I have put that on a pic of my boobs. I didn’t say you had to be naked. Think about it because it definitely boosts your confidence.

I did post nakie shots of me on Fetlife the first time I was a member and I had some really flattering remarks. I would never do that now btw.

Because of some pictures taken when I was in my first relationship that ended up on a very questionable and disgusting web site I had a terrible phobia of sending compromising pictures through the web. Because the pictures I now post are completely in my own hands.

Well this is about it. Just know I am telling you this to empower people with a poor body image. I want you also to know no matter your shape, age or colour you are all wonderful and beautiful people. Oh and height cos me being a short arse is something I can’t change. S. really likes that I am this height, easy to throw around ~ evil smirk ~


S. and k.


4 Comments on “Body Image

  1. Inspirational words, I’m definitely going to put these into practice. Thank you x


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