I thought I would just write about life that winds on along.

I have been posting a lot in the last few days and that is because S. has been ill with flu. He has been very sick and he needed pampering. Mostly he drinks lots of fluids, takes his meds and sleeps. On top of that he has been going through a lot of tests that have been time consuming but we are getting to the bottom of something he has suffered with for years.

I can say he is getting much better and he will be posting funny things in the comments of my posts. I for one miss them.

I have to say I do try to take good care of him but underneath that I think he would sometimes prefer to be left alone. I don’t walk in on him if he is asleep. I try not to over pamper. It is just awful when the love of your life is ill, you just want to do everything you can do to help. Mind you he does like it when I rub his back and chest with Vicks. I have heard of a way to do it that is fun and that I could try, and that is slathering my boobs with Vicks and then rub my boobs oh S. Sounds cool doesn’t it, but I don’t think he would like it when he is this sick. Maybe we could do it after he recovers and instead of Vicks I could use massage oil and give him a special massage. That is a better idea I think.

‘Ok Sir, Get Better!’…..


4 Comments on “Kitten’s Musings

  1. Sending you both love and get better soon wishes, this may be an old wives tale but I do swear by Vicks on the sole of your feet with socks on. It does work. Big Hugs xxxxx


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