One of the most important senses that I cherish is touch. If I have not been touched for a while my skin hungers for it. This can happen if you are either alone or alone for a few days. I yearn for it. Kissing is a touch of lips than leave me breathless. It also affects my body as much as my love of it. The feel of your partners arms around you is heaven. It can also be as small as a stroke on my cheek with one finger will have me leaning into the contact.

I love to hold hands while out walking or even while shopping. S.’s hand on the back of my neck reassuringly makes me melt. Also the way he places his hand in the small of my back while going through a door. I know during sex everything is about touch. A soothing caress on an ass well spanked. A soothing touch on your tear stained face.

Yes a hand can spank, a whip can mark, a flogger can thud, a violet wand can shock but none of those rises above the warm touch of a hand or mouth. That moment when your partner climbs into bed, naked and ready to sleep when you can run your hands all over him. The warmth of him as he pulls you into his arms so you can snuggle all night. That is pure heaven. The time he comes up behind you while you are cooking and his arms snake around you. Intimacy without sex. His mouth near your ear as he whispers something dirty can make you shiver.

I adore when S. starts from my lips down to the core of me tracing my body with fiery little kisses and licks. The way he always kisses my inner thigh before shifting his attention to my sex.

When I am crying he puts his arms around me, offering me the safety of his arms. When I cry over a sad movie he doesn’t laugh, he holds me and lets me cry. After a scene he always holds me, touching my face, talking encouraging words of delight and to call me his good girl in soft tones. He checks my body to make sure it is not injured. He then carries me to the bath, runs it, then joins me in it. He rubs my back and then washes me.

We are both tactile and I give as good as I get. No touch is rebuke (well as long as I am not cranky) * wink *. I think, because of our relationship we feel the need to touch is heightened. I don’t care why I just know we both enjoy it.


S. and k.


6 Comments on “Touch

  1. Oh I totally agree. Your descriptions a lovely and very sensual.
    I’ve written quite a bit about touch especially as it relates to older people like myself. My companionate friendship is founded on touch. Cuddles, reiki, massage and most recently a comforting hand hold and a guiding arm around my shoulders. No kisses, but I live in hope… As for anything else, who knows where our path will lead.
    Indie x


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