These are questions that plague me the most and I bet you have loads of your own. They can drive a person doolallytap (crazy). I thought I might list mine.

  • Why is it a submissive can be spanked, whipped, flogged, or held in bondage but the minute they cut their finger they moan?
  • Why is it a submissive can take care of her Top but when he asks her to make a coffee she will flounce off as if he asked her to climb Mt. Everest?
  • Why is it a Top will request a coffee just as his submissive is enjoying a TV show or a movie?
  • Why is it a submissive says you can do whatever you want to do to me but then moans about her treatment?
  • Why is it people that are not happy with their treatment in a lifestyle choose to air their grievances on Fet and not talk to their partners about it?
  • Why are there so many dick heads on Fetlife?
  • Why is it that when submissives go to an event and wear a collar which means they are with a Top but they still gets pestered by Twue Doms?

These next few are not about the lifestyle but are equally mysterious.

  • Why is it an eighteen year old female can take 2 hours to get ready if you ask them out with you, but ten minutes when a friend invites her over?
  • Why is it an eighteen year old female can take forever to pick out an outfit to wear and never puts them away when they are rejected?
  • Why is it normal people can get into a car and change completely to become a raging beast if the little old lady in front of them drives slowly?
  • Why is it little old ladies take forever to make their minds up?
  • Why is it that a girl can keep her car so spotless but her room is a pigsty?

That, for me is my list. * chuckling * There are more I know but I do have one more mystery, Why is it that I can think of a post idea and have a mind brimming with examples but when I come to actually writing it I can’t remember them all? Ah well, I hope you enjoy them.


S. and k.


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