I watched a TV show out of the E! Channel about BDSM. It was called the real 50 Shades. As my daughter (18years) was watching too I tried to change the channel quickly before she saw what it was. My eagle-eyed daughter she said ‘change it back I wanted to watch this.’ She has no idea about my alternative personal life and I didn’t want any questions but I could not turn it over if she wanted to see it.

The show was actually really good. It showed a couple that are playing just in the bedroom. It showed a 24/7 relationship and the male Dom took his lady to dinner and she was wearing collar and leash. She looked so adoringly at her Dom. Then there was a female Domme and a submissive man. Then it showed a professional Switch. It was very interesting and for once it did not make fun of the subject matter. There was. They spoke of being outed and why many people prefer to keep it secret. Mind you after the show aired it wasn’t secret any more.

There were three ‘experts’ and two were women. They both were very positive about it all. One even described it as very positive. Of course it was all about the books of 50 Shades.

They spoke about Limits both hard and soft, Safe Words and contracts as well as consent. They spoke about taking your time and understanding what you are getting into, so it was very informative.

Towards the end there were 2 of the experts hoped that this will progress and become something like the Gay movement and we can all come out. One of the experts saw it as a positive thing and nothing like the subjugated women of the fifties.

This all well and good but why am I babbling about a TV show here? Well it is about my daughter. She watched it and then said she said ‘I would never let a man hit me’ so she concluded she would be a Domme. Her reason, apart from the hitting thing? Kinky boots lol.

She never actually asked me if my S. was my Dom, but give her time she will soon lol. I am not ashamed of who I am and what I am so if she asks I will be honest with her. We can then come out of hiding.

Wish me luck.

S. and kitten


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15 Comments on “A very good TV show

  1. The Real 50 Shades was one of the first shows I watched when I was curious about BDSM. I found it really informative and great that they covered switching with Hudsy 😊 x


  2. Can’t find it on Sky, not on catch up. Shame would have watched that. Our son is 18 too and we wonder what does he know. Hooks on the wall, ties and bungee cords hanging off the door. There’s the crop hanging off the door handle and canes by the bed. But still think he has no idea. Yet xxx


  3. It’s nice to see information out there that is realistic and positive. More of that would help new people coming in to stay away from bad relationships as well, or so I would hope!


      • I’ve never encountered issues with anyone I have ever spoken with in regards to BDSM and D/s. Not that I have ever outed myself exactly but I have had more than one intellectual conversation about it and although many questions came up, no one was rude or disrespectful of the people or idea despite not knowing I was involved in any way.

        I might get blasted for this but since I’m on the topic I’ll say it anyway. The most intolerance and shaming I have come across has been from the community itself, not vanilla friends and neighbours.

        I don’t throw the topic in their face and no one really cares what goes on behind closed doors. Respect goes both ways … *shrug* That has been my experience anyway.

        There are intolerant people in any group. Rant over, sorry to hijack your comments!

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  4. Thanks for the heads up. Just watched and really appreciated watching normal people speaking honestly about their lives.


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