First of all I need to say I am shy but I have a bit of a problem. I am very rambunctious at times. I  giggle a lot, I squeal, I scoff, I even snort and that is in real life with S. You can tell how I am feeling by the tone of my voice. He can tell when I am tired, unwell, annoyed and in a bad mood. He can also tell when I am excited and happy, turned on, or even smug. I am somewhat nonplussed by the skill which he does this. I can’t hide a thing from him. I know it could be because we have been together for a long time. To a man that is interested in you, it is a good skill to have.

However there is another time I am noisy and that is during a scene. I moan, I groan, I cry out, I scream and I beg, which is all well and good but what if you have children at home. We have one who is 18 but she is going to get a place of her own soon. Yay.

I have actually tried not to make so much noise but it is impossible. Now I hear you saying, GAG HER, but they only lower the volume, not stop the noise completely. A scarf tied over the mouth is next to useless. Tape, is uncomfortable when removed and is still unable to silence me. Even panties stuffed in my mouth then taped has not help totally. The only way to stop it is a) don’t have sex, b) Pinch the nose as well as that is where the noise comes from but I am rather partial to breathing.

I also think that S. is rather partial to hearing the noises I make because he can tell from them how I am enjoying what is happening. He can also hear if I am tired, hurting, or drifting off into sub space. He also likes to know how much I am enjoying what he is doing.

We both talk during play, me begging him saying dirty talk and him using dirty talk too. Vocalizing is important to both of us.

Now what about the sound of spanking or flogging? The cries of discomfort? I am good with pain but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt at times. Also the sound of a hand hitting a bare ass is distinctive. The sound of a whip is even more distinctive.  My daughter is not a fool and knows what some of those noises mean but a whipping? Nah don’t want to go there

So what can you do?

  • Do not enter a scene while others are about.
  • Grow a thick hide and look at them when your kids asks questions with hard eyes and ask, ‘do you really want to know?’ (This works best for your kids when they are older.)
  • Carry a sock specifically for stuffing in the mouth to dampen the sounds.
  • Find another gal that remains totally silent no matter what you do to her.
  • Find a lady that doesn’t speak.
  • Tape both mouth and nose and pray they can breathe through their ears.
  • Have Tantric sex… Sting has said you can orgasm without putting a hand on each other. (Nah, not really seeing that.) Getting down and dirty has more appeal.
  • Stop having kinky sex? (I might last a week…. maybe, nah not really.)
  • Play very loud music.

What about neighbours? Will they call the cops? I don’t want to answer the door to them asking if I am ok. I would giggle far too much oh and blush like a tomato.

Ok final tip if your partner is way too loud. Stuff a sock in her mouth, tape her mouth and nose, put bags over her head. Put heavy metal music on very loud and go for it. Don’t forget to bury the body in the back yard before the kids come home and then tell them she has gone on holiday.


S, and k.


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3 Comments on “Okay I’m Noisy

  1. The neighbour 5 houses down once mentioned the ‘couple having fun’ one day as we were walking the dogs by. Thank God he didn’t realize who!! LoL And yes, the windows are always closed! No wonder it’s been so long, the kids NEVER leave! Imagine what they would here …. yikes!


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