This is a post about applied pain that brings pleasure to a bottom… Pardon the pun. * evil wink * Read it while keeping in mind your own Limits. It is a place to experiment with your partner but you must never be forced or coerced into it. Not liking pain does not mean you are a bad bottom.

Masochism is a desire for things that are either uncomfortable or painful or even humiliating.

This is about pain itself.  In a BDSM relationship, if the bottom enjoys it, pain can be applied on many levels. It can also be very pleasurable. If you do not find it pleasurable then tell your Top and it should stop immediately. This can only happen if the bottom enjoys it not if the Dominant wants it. NEVER endure it.

The levels of pain can be numbered from the least to the most severe. (This relates to me and I am a masochist, so keep that in mind but you tolerance to pain will be yours not mine. I do not do all of the things on this post.)

1…Incidental Pain

  • A posture collar can abrade the chin or the base of the neck. A posture collar is a wide collar that fits under the chin and keeps your chin up. They can be uncomfortable if badly fitted.
  • Leather manacles before they wear in.
  • Metal cuffs that are not padded.
  • Metal anklets that are not padded.
  • Joint pain in bondage that happens during the time you are bound.
  • Pinning down your hands in a scene.
  • Knots tightening when not applied correctly.

2…First Level of applied pain.

  • A light spanking.
  • A light slap.
  • A light grip around the throat. (Front or back of the neck).
  • Rough sex.
  • Hair pulling. Tops please remember to not wrench the head back or it can, in the worse case scenario can permanently damage the vertebrae of the neck.
  • Electro shock on mild settings. On low settings it can be very pleasurable as it tingles on your skin. On higher it can have a kick like a mule. They can use a dildo in the pussy or anus, again can feel nice or a kick so I have put it here to start with.

You must use proper machines and never hook up a homemade machine to the mains as it can kill if a mistake is made. 

3… Applied pain…

  • A short duration spanking that is harder than mentioned in number 2.
  • Use of a flogger on the butt. (a handle with lots of strands) It makes a submissive’s skin go red and is slightly heavier than other, more painful tools. However bondage must NOT be used by the Dominant until the pain numbers are known and applied. (read Measuring Pain Levels for more details on the subject). It is a pain that might have a discomfort that lasts the day and make the bottom sit down a little more gingerly.
  • A more intricate bondage that makes your joints ache more than in level one. Joints such as shoulders, hips and knees and back if the bondage lasts for under 30 minutes.

  • Light face slapping.
  • Nipple play, pinching  and pulling.
  • Application of light clamps, like clothes pins. Understand that the pain will grow when the clamps are removed.
  • Light choking.

4…. Applied pain.

  • A hard spanking for a longer duration, targeting the more tender spots like the top of the thighs or the inside of the thighs. Light slapping of the breasts, or pussy.
  • Harsher clamps, (clover clamps, chopsticks and screw clamps.)
  • Use of spanking tools like paddles on the body.
  • Forced orgasm. This is not pain per say but it can cause over wrought sensations that can be equated with pain. The first stage is pleasant and you might beg for more. The second stage is over sensory stimulation and you try to wiggle free from whatever is causing your orgasms. The last stage is a feeling of helplessness and an inability to go on. Also it is something that pushes you into Subspace. (Forced orgasm is when a vibrator (Hitachi or a Doxy wand) is pressed against your clitoris and you are made to orgasm over and over.
  • Having prolonged rough sex.
  • Having your Dominant regulate when you can pee and when your bladder is full.
  • For the gentleman, a cock cage will be applied to your cock and sometimes your testacies so you can’t get an erection.  Also cock rings can be applied too. I am sorry I have no idea how these things feel so I put them here.
  • Cock spanking is another thing that can fit in here.

5…Applied pain.

  • A flogging with a cane, crop, quirt, or a whip. (Not a prolonged flogging, but one to test your mettle. Learn about Measuring Pain Levels) A good Dominant will not go past your limits and will react to your safe word instantly to take care of you.
  • Really strong bondage. Perhaps a foray into Kinbaku (Japanese rope techniques for suspension.).
  • Urtication (applying nettles to the skin. Perhaps toothpaste to the clitoris or some form of  heating cream like Deep Heat) It will have you hopping. The first time you try any of this do not be tied. You might need a quick clean up if it is more than you can bear. To end the torment cleanse away with vegetable oil.
  • Nipple torment with harsh clamps perhaps with weights.
  • Stronger choking

6…Applied pain.

  • Applied spanking to butt, breasts and pussy. It will cause bruising that will last for days.
  • Whipping that leaves welts and makes you cry out.
  • Whipping that leaves bruises.
  • Being bound and whipped
  • made to stand in the cold and snow.
  • Being put into a cage that restricts your ability to move.
  • Choking that cuts off your air. I have said this one but the person doing the choking should be very experienced in this practice. The pressure is only maintained until you are close to passing out and will usually result in a slap to bring you back to full consciousness.

    Never try to do this with a rope by yourself. A number of famous people have done this and died. One of my limits is rope around my neck especially in rope bondage.

7…Applied pain.

  • Being hosed down with a strong jet of cold water.
  • Fasting for a stated duration.
  • Being bound naked in a forest in cold weather.
  • Running and jumping without wearing clothes for the submissive
  • Being hung from a point overhead so your feet don’t touch the ground and whipped. I do not recommend this practice.

8… Applied pain.

  • Attachment of a skirt hanger to nipples and pulling the handle. (A skirt hanger has a rod with two strong clips at either end). The clips are adjustable width wise  and can be set to match the distance between your nipples.
  • Electro Shock with a static stove lighter. It hurts like the devil and can burn your skin. Do not use one with a flame.
  • Being made to straddle a large beam of wood with the corner being the part that rests on your clitoris. Your feet might be free which helps if they touch the ground. The legs can be bound and pulled back so you are forced to lean harder on the edge of the beam.
  • A rope caught between two anchor points, with several knots in it. It is made to be the height of your pussy and then several inches higher so it is very tight. Then you are made to walk along it. Depending on the type of rope it can be quite a torment.

This is only as far as I want to write. There are much worse ways to cause extreme pain but I don’t want to list them because it is punishing and most bottoms do not want that level of torture. It is best left to the domain of pain sluts. What you will like is completely up to you, without the need for me to speak of them.

There is another thing you need to know. When learning about your pain levels, normally a Top might want to arouse you close to or actually allow you to orgasm, then introduce the pain, only to return to finding your levels. While learning I would recommend not to just give you orgasms with pain but to stop the level training and have full blown sex and then stop trying to do more to find your levels after. With a simple orgasm then back to training it becomes easy to associate pain with pleasure which is fine if that is where you want to go. Believe me orgasms release the hormones that desensitize pain levels.

There is also an addictive problem with pain. You could somehow need pain to enjoy yourself sexually. You can also become a pain slut (both sexes). A pain slut want’s more and more pain to achieve orgasm. Good Tops do not want this kind of person normally. S. does not want me to become a pain slut. Harsh sadists do. It is just a matter of choice and consent.

I have listed all of these things but a lot of them are things I would never do. If you are a person that wishes to try these thing I do not judge you. I simply listed these things so that you understand what can happen. The levels go from very soft to much harsher.

If your bottom ever uses their safe words please respect them and actually be happy with them. It makes you know that they aren’t doing this to please you, they are doing it because they enjoy it

Have fun and stay safe


S. and k.

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