This is just a bit of fun and not be taken seriously. Have a look at the photo’s below and pick a picture you find sexy as a partner if you didn’t have your significant other. Then I will write some stuff under the photo’s for you to see how close they are in nature to your partner. This is just for fun and not to be taken seriously. If you want to share please do in comments or you can keep it to yourself.

This has nothing to do with race or age. It also has nothing to do with the way the face looks.


pexels-photo-1103828 A.

pexels-photo-821547 B.

pexels-photo-1008973 C.

pexels-photo-636619 D.

pexels-photo-834899 E.

pexels-photo-262038 F.

fashion-2189240__340 G.

face-1311191__340 H.

model-1877208__340 I.

man-old-white-beard-face-162547 J.

dj-bird-944655__340 K.

pexels-photo-242829 L.








pexels-photo-255437 D.

pexels-photo-413732 E.

pexels-photo-709811 F.

pexels-photo-736605 G.

pexels-photo-858117 H.

pexels-photo-911677 I.

pexels-photo-1030926 J.

pexels-photo-936007 K.

Now for the types.


A. Sporty Man. He might be into jogging. Is sporty and likes to keep fit. However if he plays in the snow as shown he might be a little OTT. Usually likes to wear casual clothes but scrubs up well for an occasion. He will be a fit lover and won’t mind all day sexual exploits. If you want to keep up with him, get into sports yourself.

B. Outdoor Man. He might love horse riding, rodeo’s and of course will wear boots, jeans and flannel shirts. They might like hunting. and know the dates of each hunting season. He might love shooting targets. They love sex in the great outdoors. They also might drive trucks (4WD’s). They always have rope at hand. They love wild sex and might have a love of leather. Never sit on their hats. If you want to make this man happy, find an enjoyment of rodeo’s, cowgirl boots, daisy dukes and a cute cowgirl hat and build a fire pit.

C. The metrosexual older man. He knows what he likes and goes after it. They can be intense and sometimes moody. Their hair is always just so and they will have products which you must never touch. They make amazing lovers and will be very creative. They will also know how to satisfy a woman.

D. The Romantic. He is beyond good looking. He dresses well and will expect his partner to do the same. He is pensive and can sometimes throw you the ‘Blue Steel’ gaze. When they are young they like to play the field and might be attracted to Polyamory but as they age the are happy with a single partner. He will remember flowers and chocolates. If you like this type learn to do massages and learn all about men’s cologne.

E. The Older Business Man. This man goes to work dressed smartly, when at home he will dress casually and have a penchant for slacks and sweaters. He likes fine food, good wine and sexy women. He is intelligent and loves his ladies to be the same. He will know what he wants in a woman and will pursue you. He will understand the mind of a woman and have an uncanny ability to satisfied a woman. He knows himself and is confident about getting what he enjoys. He will love taking his lady to dinner in fancy restaurants. However he can be stubborn and love getting his way  and winning arguments. You will need to have good debating skills and know how to negotiate. You also have to be intelligent as he will appreciate good conversation.

F. Take me as I am Man. He is edgy, well put together and sports a number of tattoos that might make people take a second glance. He doesn’t worry about what people think of him. He is more of a jeans and leather jacket kind of man. He is a flirt and smiles readily. He also knows how to use his slightly bad boy image to draw in a woman. He is adaptable. If he catches your eye and you smile, he will walk over to you and ask to join you. Right there is when he starts seducing you. Get used to having this man disarm you with a word or sentence. He will not reveal everything at once so learn patience.

G. Danger Man. He manages to look hot no matter what he wears. He has mastered all of his looks. His hair always looks messy even if it takes him ages to get it that way. He can also be quite moody. This man has an active Inner Child and also has a bit of a temper but he would never harm you. He adores sex and might shock you with how good he is. He will want a connection with you that goes beyond the physical. If you like this man you have to know 90% of yourself won’t be enough.

H. The Young Innocent Man. He is sweet, happy, and will love you to bits. This man is evolving, learning about himself. If you are the same age you will enter the lifestyle as beginners and learn together. If you are older he will learn from you. He is eager, hungry to learn and not really understand all of the twists and turns of a relationship. They will also have to grow into the relationship. If you picked this  man you will have to be able to teach whilst still giving him his sexual experiences. Patience is a must. Unfortunately these relationships don’t always last so protect your heart.

I. Muscle Man. This is a man of contrasts. On one hand he is fixed on his body and keeping it in shape will be important to him. There may come a time later, when he is older, that he might lose interest in it. He is also one of the best lovers. He can do things like pick you up and bang you against the wall. As long as he is not taking steroids he will be sweet and confident. He will enjoy the company of his friends. Again, you will have to look hot and fit. Learn to have some hobbies or build a gym at home as you will find he does have to spend time to keep his body in shape.

J. The Old Man. This man can the biggest chameleon of men. They look older but under that façade can be the best lover you will ever have. They have spent a lifetime of learning and enjoying sex. Try to stay away from men that wear pants that sit high and slippers, they have just given up. Sex might not be available as often as with younger men but they will indulge in much greater scenes. They will notice the small things and endeavour to please you before they please themselves. They appreciate a good meal and will talk for hours. If you are much younger they will treat you like a princess. If you do something wrong they will notice and discipline you quickly.

K. Regular Man. They are all around you. These men can be any type of man and each offers wonderful experiences. They are fun to get to know because they really are a mixed bag. They can be any shape or size and have differing approaches to seducing a woman. What is inside them is worth getting to know. They can be amazing lovers but also might have to be helped into the role they have dreamed of, if new into BDSM. You can also find experienced men that will make you very happy. Learn to see below the skin and don’t underestimate them.

L. Biker Man. This man likes the freedom of the road, wind rushing by, Old Lady riding pillion. Well maybe not that bad unless they are in Hell’s Angels. They view sex as an adventure hot and heavy. You might find he likes to have you on some hidden road or trail and he will play with you. He might tickle you until you almost pee.  They will dance with you when there is no music playing.  Buy yourself a skid lid and hang on for the ride.



A. The Sultry Woman. She is beautiful, takes care of herself and uses her looks to attract the best of men. They have a little streak of wickedness in their heart and will often push you to be better. They enjoy sex and enter it wholeheartedly. If you want to keep her happy indulge her a little. They may not be the best conversationalist but never think them stupid. She will want deeds not words. If you pick this woman learn about perfumes and buy it for her. She will also love quirky bits of jewellery but it doesn’t have to be expensive.

B. The Layer Lady. This lady wears normal clothes but underneath is another thing. Under her skin she will enjoy kink. She likes control and has lot’s of confidence. As to which side of a D/s she walks you can count on her wicked sense of humour and the depth of her sexuality. Buy her sexy lingerie and perfume.

C. The Whole Package Woman. She is curvy and passionate. She does like to maintain a pleasing look to attract her man. She wears things like corsets because she  likes the way they feel. She can enjoy the control of a man but will sometimes rebel. She is confident and laughs readily. She has a great sense of the ridiculous and jokes readily. Don’t mess with this lady because she won’t put up with it.

D. The Musical Woman. This woman will either play an instrument or love listening to music. She is the type that will want music during a scene. She will dance through life understanding that music can lift her spirits. She might wear headphones a lot so you might have to tap her on the shoulder to let her know you want to talk to her. Put on the right music and she will try lots of things with you. A new set of Beats would be her idea of heaven.

E. Little Miss Innocent. She is fun and excitable. She giggles and then flashes her big eyes in your direction. She might not have a great deal of self confidence so you will have to work on that with her. She might need to be trained not to be shy over her body and to stop her covering herself. She can be eager to learn but might be shy to show her response to things unlike an older woman. She likes surprises when it comes to gifts. A look of displeasure would worry her a great deal. She might still have a teddy bear that she can’t part with. She loves cuddles.

F. The Fun Loving Woman. She will wear things like denim dungarees, cotton blouses and quirky hats. Always smiling and skipping around. She will often burn dinner because she can be easily distracted. She will make you laugh. She will also cry at sad movies. You need to have plenty of energy with this girl and learn to harness that energy into sexual pursuits.

G. The Outdoors Lady. This lady will follow you along any trail or forest you want to explore. She would be open to sex in the great indoors. She might be an eco warrior and work to help the planet in her own home. She is intelligent but also can fall into her own thoughts. She is relaxed, loving and nurturing. A new pair of hiking boots would be a great gift. She will be found enjoying a fire pit and grills. You will need to be fit enough to keep up with her. Out of town, laying on a blanket and watching the stars is her favourite date. You better know how to makes Smores too.

H. The Spicy Woman. This lady knows her own mind and is confident. She will be fashionable even if it means wearing something strange. This lady has different faces and you can see exactly what she is thinking. She is fit and may enjoy going to the gym. She will have a group of friends and will want time with them. She is confident in her sexuality and will try almost anything but be prepared for a ‘you want to stick what where?’ from her. She is a wild ride emotionally and physically. If into a scene be prepared for the level of commitment she puts into it.

I. The Tom Boy. This woman runs with several male friends and enjoys doing guy things but do not be deceived, she is a very womanly female where her physical pleasures are concerned. She might bring you coffee while you fix the car, then understand what is wrong with it. She is not afraid of getting dirty. However when she does dress up she will knock your socks off and you can take her to a fancy restaurant. Normally dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, but look under the surface. She loves to flirt and knows how to do it well.

J. The Casual Fun Loving Woman. This woman will laugh with you, love with you and wear your jumpers which you will find cute. You will walk in on her and she is wearing your shirt with nothing under it. She will wear flowery perfume and love to walk hand in hand with you. She is unpretentious and have a quick mind. She will sit on the bed with you and listen as you share your day. She will enjoy an energetic sex life. She will often wear saggy socks around the house with your shirt on, dancing with a mop as she cleans up. A perfect gift for her would be a book that she could curl up on a window seat and read.

K. The Mature Woman. This lady has lived enough of life to know what she likes and dislikes. She will negotiate well and might surprize you with the kinks she adores. She will have discovered her place in the BDSM realms. If you want a lady that is passionate, self confident and knowledgeable about her needs, a mature lady will be the best for you. She will also take care of you outside of the bedroom. A good gift for this lady are the finer things in life. Poetry, sexy lingerie, and a surprize visit to a blues bar.

 I hope this gave you a bit of a laugh and you share your results. Let us know if it was close to your partner or not. I made up all the descriptions and I hope I did not insult anyone with them.


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