I will start this post off with some positive words but bear in mind a rant is coming.

The beauty of a woman can be in her face, her skin, her shape, her body even her hair. She might have a beautiful smile or have a kindness she shows the world. She may write beautiful words or have lovely pictures of herself on her blog. However, to me true beauty comes from her heart, soul and mind. The same is true of men too.

The most beautiful of people don’t even realize they are beautiful, they just carry on with life spreading happiness. Yes of course they have bad days and get cranky but you know what I mean. Now for the rant of this post.

In this day and age and the freedom of the net it gives very ugly people a change to spread hate anonymously. They pick on people and cause a great deal of emotional pain with their disgusting taunts. You are either too fat, too thin, too tall, too small and they call you ugly and lots of hateful taunts all while hiding behind a net name. A lot of them you might meet in real life and they would fool you into thinking they are nice, but the vileness lurks under their skin. People have felt so desperate they have actually committed suicide. Ugly people are the haters and we need to do something about it. What they say is not true, it is a fabrication they feel they need send you.

So what can you do about it…? Lots of things.

  1. Understand immediately that what they are saying is a product of their diseased minds.
  2. Do not take it to heart and understand you are beautiful and you won’t allow their crap touch your mind.
  3. Delete it immediately.
  4. Remember their  net name and post a warning that this sick individual is a hate spreader. NAME AND SHAME.
  5. Never let their words stop you from posting the pictures you adore posting.
  6. You will get supporters so listen to what THEY tell you and understand they will see your beauty.

We have a chance here to actually get stronger and if all of us blog owners band together we will be a force to be reckoned with. End of rant!


Sir and kitten


Your comments are appreciated.


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