Well I have to start this off in the right way don’t I?

I love Queen


I love Lynyrd Skynyrd, and this isn’t their more famous songs but I like it a lot.


A great number of people don’t realize that they can really rock it. This proves they can. Bryan May (lead guitarist) can really rock hard.

In another time when things were grim. I think this was written about an IRA bomb attack in Manchester, England.

Anyone that can put bagpipes in a rock song is fabulous. These guys came from my home town in Australia.

This song became the theme of football in Australia. Jimmy Barnes was worried and said he couldn’t dance and Tina Turner said, ‘Just stand there and be handsome, I’ll dance and make you look good honey.

I have to admit my Aussie roots are showing. This is Jimmy Barnes and although he flies solo these days, he used to be the front man of Cold Chisel.

Ok this is a bit obscure but I love it.

My sincere apology to all you stuffy fans.

Ok some old school rock and yes some nice eye candy too.

I love this lady and she can rock.

If you love em play it if you hate them skip this one. I luv em, so does S.


I know it’s a little older but it is iconic.

This I put in just for the quirkiness of it.


No rock collection is complete without them.


Ok this just scrapes in as rock but I’ll take it. And yes it has a banjo.

I think this is rock lol.

Love this lady.

I can’t forget Lenny.

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