Submission is deeper than your mind, stronger than sexual desires and is rooted deep in the soul. It isn’t a need to be weak because submission requires strength and it is not about pain. It is offering your submission to a Dominant. It is a powerful dynamic that can fulfil you in a way that feeds the soul. There is nothing as beautiful as seeing a strong and independent woman coming to a Dominant, choosing to kneel before him/her, covered in his/her desire to offer a moment in time in submission.

Forget the things that might happen of a physical nature, simply look at the desire to serve in a TPE, to trust someone enough to offer this gift. The submissive will calmly give into this need and what happens from that point varies widely. Yes sexual things come from the act. Usually it is mutual desires that inflame both people involved. However the desire to submit under pins sex acts.

Look into your own soul and see if you can discover the purity of the need to submit. It is like a glowing light, a warm, calm spot that will not be ignored. Embrace it. Breathe it in. From that moment you can then sort out everything else that goes with it.

The hardest thing to do is ignore it. Don’t try to lock it away as that is soul destroying. Give it flight and soar with eagles.


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