I am a Paragon of Domliness and I have been the most amazing Dominant all my life. I am twenty-three years old and every moment of my life I order women around. Women live to serve me. I mean ALL women. With one glance from me they fall to their knees ready to serve Me. At the moment I am looking for my perfect slave and I have no doubt that when I see someone they will fall at my feet begging me to be their Master.

I know what I am looking for and she will be lucky to get me. She must be five foot three, with long blonde hair with no self esteem, because self esteem just gets in the way of submission. She must have big breasts for me to whip and a great ass to spank. I don’t worry if she is mentally astute she just has to be a dumb bimbo. I will say things once and she will obey without resistance. She must be about twenty years old but as long as she obeys immediately I don’t care if she has had any experience.

She won’t go for that safe word crap or have soft or hard limits. I will decide what is right for her. I will call her words like slut and whore all the time because she will know her place. She will cook for me and clean house, wash and iron my clothes and mend my socks. She will become my foot stool, my table, and she will lick my boots. She will never wear any clothes, even in winter. She will never sit beside me but always at my feet. She must know her place. If she does not obey she will be punished swiftly and painfully. She will have sex with whom I say, when I say. Of course I won’t let her cum much, that just makes for lazy slaves.

She will bathe me, dress me, and even keep my hair neat and tidy. If she fails in her duties she will be thrown out. I mean being this great Dominant I will quickly find another slave to serve me…….

Oh my goodness I can’t go on. You all see this as a farce but you would be surprized just how many people who are out there just like this. Thank goodness there are so many wonderful Doms Dommes, Masters, Mistresses Daddy Doms and Mommy Doms. There are so many titles but whatever your dynamic, never be taken in my a man/woman that promise the earth but give nothing. No safe words? No limits? No relationship. No matter what your dynamic is you both come together as equals. It takes strength to Dominate and submit. Both people strong and showing each other respect.

Just keep your self esteem intact, love each other and explore together.

The biggest advice I could give any submissive is to discover your strengths and being submissive does not mean being weak. If you have that you will have a better relationship. Sometimes during play a Dom may call you names, I love when Sir calls me a slut or a whore. Hell I will even call myself that but it never resides outside a scene. So the three biggest words I can give you is respect, respect, respect.

Never get involved until your partner has earned your trust.

Last of all, no nagging I promise, enjoy the journey one step at a time.


Sir and kitten,


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7 Comments on “Paragon Of Domliness

  1. This is so spot on. I’ve seen a few about pages on Fet where it’s just like that. Massive props to those in the scene who aren’t like that and know what they’re doing 💝 x

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  2. Thought you were describing me at first but then again I’m not 23 and your not blonde. As always darling good points well written, I respect the hell out of you and love you madly

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  3. I’ve encountered so many Dom(/mes) like this. Usually it is the Doms who get on like this. All you can do is laugh at these idots.

    if you wait around and read their blogs they will probably end up writing something about how no-one understands their deep and meaningful submission because they’re a magical true Dom, etc etc.

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    • If you do look at their profile there will be a great number of dick pic’s in various stages of erection. Like some totem pole to be worshiped. I think it advertises the fact that really, some men do think with their pecker.

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  4. Thanks everyone for the kind words. When writing the first part I might have exaggerated a little but they are there. I think I wrote this to tell everyone good Doms/Dommes are out there but if any of the mentioned issues do come up, run, with no looking back.

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  5. I want to add, we seem to be targeting the men but there are some women out there that are just as bad. Sometimes a woman can be crueler than a man. It just doesn’t get reported as much because the men feel too ashamed to report it.

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