I see your belt threaded through your jeans belt loops and my heart skips a beat. It is that belt. It looks very much like any other belt but it isn’t. I watched as you made it, not understanding what I was seeing. There is the stainless steal fixings, buckle and pretty copper rivets. You catch me looking at it and  you ask, ‘Is there a problem kitten?’

I blush and shake my head. ‘No, not at all Sir.’

This morning he had picked out what he wanted me to wear, low rider skinny jeans and a crop top. Normally he would allow me panties with jeans because if he didn’t I would end up so aroused and close to cumming as the seam rubs against my clit and clit ring. That norty piece of metal can drive me absolutely into a needy place that consumes me. The thing that I cannot forget is he is wearing that belt.

I follow him outside and he opens the car door for me. Everything seems normal, there is no hint about the day in his demeanour. but there it is, in the belt. He had finished the belt yesterday. My mind whirled, how did it work? Would he use it today? Calm down girl, you have to go shopping.

This wasn’t for anything special just grocery shopping. Walking up and down the aisles, pushing a cart, picking out potatoes and carrots, herbs and spices, boring stuff. How the hell he expects me to walk calmly around the store while my jeans torment me is a big ask. I have to make several stops and pretend to look at something interesting until I can settle but a can of beans can only be stared at for a short while. Sir keeps leaning in to whisper in my ear, ‘Something wrong, kitten?’

I blush and mumble, ‘You know exactly what is happening.’ I sound churlish.

‘Now, now kitten. Be nice and put your claws away.’ and his tone is amused. He knows I am finding it hard to not cum and he loves it.

We finally leave the store and begin the long trip home. We live way out in the country. Suddenly he slows down and turns onto a track in through the woods. It is rarely used and my heart beats faster. Now I find out what will happen. He pulls the car up and parks on the side of the track.

You smile at me and say, ‘Are you ready kitten?’

‘Yes Sir.’

‘Open your door, undo your jeans and remove them, then lean forward and rest your chest on the seat.’

I am nervous and after I stand outside of the car I look down the road. It is no more than a track but there are tyre prints so vehicles do drive along it.

‘Don’t keep me waiting kitten.’

I ignore my fears and quickly get into position. The air is cold against my skin. Sir’s door opens and he climbs out. I see him pull his belt from his jeans. Now I am going to understand what it is he has made. He looks at me and asks, ‘Will you please put your hands behind your back. One lower the other higher.’ Then he looks down at the belt. I quickly get my hands into position but I can’t tear my eyes off of the belt. I watch him manipulate it and then suddenly it is revealed.


You come around to stand behind me and quickly trap my wrists in the belt. It fits snugly and I even strain against it to test how firm they are. There is no give in them.

I hear your zip open and you kick my legs apart and I feel your hard cock nudge at my sex but you don’t slip inside me, you rub the head of your cock up and down my wet cleft. I try to lean back into him but he pulls back and pushes me forward. There will be no rushing him. He grabs a handful of my hair and pulls me up so my back is against him.

He snarls in my ear. ‘This isn’t for you kitten, it’s for me. You may not cum until I tell you.’

I whimper because it will be very hard to do as he tells me. He pushes me back down and holds the belt and pins me down by it. I feel the head of his cock, being slowly slid inside me, stretching me open. I groan lowly, wanting him to drive into me and fuck me hard but he moves slowly, groaning as he enjoying the tightness of me. I want to push back to meet him but I don’t I don’t want to do anything that might stop him letting me cum. No I stand still loving the way he makes my cunt ache. I am tight and he is large and it makes for so many sensations. I moan softly as he just slowly fucks me.  I am so damned wet my essence is running down my thighs. Sir moves faster and stronger and my thighs are quivering and I am trying to control the urge to cum desperately.

He begins to pound my pussy, in long hard strokes. Each lunge lifts me to my toes and I am softly begging to cum. Then he fucks me harder. I scream with every lunge, not in pain but in need.

He catches my hair in his fist and hoists my head to him and growls ‘Such a needy slut.’

‘Your needy slut sir. Please, please can I cum?’

‘How badly do you need it kitten?’

‘Desperately please Sir, please let me cum.’

He puts his hand around my throat tightly but it doesn’t restrict my breathing. He is just claiming me.

He begins pounding my pussy and growls in my ear, ‘Cum for me kitten’

Instantly I am free and I cum powerfully,

He holds he penis deep in me as I cum then he is suddenly set free and really begins to pound my body. I cum over and over, unable to control it. Suddenly he goes rigid and cums violently. I collapse on the seat of the car and he holds himself deep inside me.

Once we are calm again he slips from my body and reaches for the wipes in the glove compartment and gently cleans his cum from me.  He stands me up and asks if I am ok. I kiss him softly and say, ‘I’m fine and I love you. That was amazing. He cleans himself then does up his pants and then collects my jeans and helps me back into them. I still have the belt on and I wonder when he is going to take it off. He helps me back into my seat and puts the seat belt on me. Then I realize I am going to remain restrained. I look at him and he smiles and says, ‘you didn’t think you were going get off that lightly did you?’

With a grin I shake my head and then the rest of the afternoon was looking like it was going to be much more interesting.




Sir hand makes these belts. They can be made to measure in various colours. They are A$95. If interested, …Contact Us.

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7 Comments on “The Belt

  1. That’s fucking hot. As soon as I saw that special belt, I could see the configuration it would make and, not gonna lie, got instantly wet. mmhhmm Very nice, indeed.


  2. You are a great storyteller! I often have fantasies about the torment of a clit ring. But Daddy says that he doesn’t want me to get one. So it’ll have to stay in fantasy land for now(/ever).


    • I am very lucky to know a very good piercer but I would never go to any old piercer in a mall or the likes. It is very easy to cause nerve damage. I recently had to remove all my piercings as I underwent Radiotherapy so I will have to have them all done again. Listen to your Daddy and keep the fantasy in your mind. and welcome to the blog, thanks for following. I am kitten.

      Liked by 1 person

      • ☺️ yeah the risk of nerve damage is super scary to me. Is your treatment going well so far? Would you like me to pray for you, kitten?


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