I see you. There are times I look at you and yes, I can see what you are doing, but under it all I see so much more. I can see you hunched over the bench as you work your magic with leather. I know your mind is consumed and focused and your strong  hands move over the thing you are making, be it a whip, or cuffs or even a flogger. I know your mind is full of the application of such items. Just the set of your shoulders, the way your arms move I know you are engrossed. You concentrate so hard. I back from the room and leave you to your labours. I will disturb you at lunch time or bring a coffee for you. At those times you stop working and slip your arms around me. That is my safe place. You kiss me but not a distracted peck, a real kiss. It may be passionate or just really loving, both are welcome.

I love to go shopping with you. You hold my hand as we walk around. It seems we both like physical contact. It is like magic between us. Electric. I watch your face as you look intently over something bright and shiny. I love it when you shop for clothes with  me, helping me find new things to wear. I don’t have to let you pick clothes for me, I can pick my own. I just really enjoy it. It becomes special to wear something you have selected.

I see you in the kitchen, cooking dinner. I know you love to cook as you cook with passion. I cook too because I love it as much as you. I watch you when you don’t know I am seeing you. Every move you make is filled with purpose, chopping vegetables as fast as a chef. You experiment with spices and herbs and you taste as you go, all the hallmarks of a good cook. You cook  things like steak perfectly. If music is playing you almost dance through the cooking process. When you need help I come and clean up after you, or help with the prepping and you sweep me up in your arms so we can dance around the kitchen.

I see you in sly side glances when we cuddle up on the sofa watching television. You are engrossed in the show but you feel my eyes on you and look back at me. Then you smile, that wonderful crooked smile that melts my heart. Sometimes you slip your finger under my chin to turn my face up for you to kiss. I cannot resist you. I have a hunger for you I can’t explain.

I see you when you are cross and we fight. We don’t fight often but usually it is over something silly. You know I would rather sit and talk about something rather than fight but sometimes I get bratty and I lose my cool. I see in you when this happens and yes there may be a flash of anger but I see that as passion. Being bratty leads to amazing angry sex. It also calms me down. I never see a brute inside you.

My favourite time of day is early morning while you are sleeping. I wake early, you like to sleep in until ten. I never want to wake you but my guilty secret is I love to watch you sleeping. You look so relaxed and perfect laying there. No guarded looks no worried frown, just you in perfect repose. Such a wondrous moment. Grouchy the bear may appear later until his first cup of coffee but this is my indulgence. If I touch you I will break the spell so I just lay beside you and breathe you in.

I see you outside on the mower, cutting the grass even though you don’t like gardening. It is hot and you are sweating. I have slathered sun screen on you and made you wear a silly hat, just because I am an Aussie. I bring you out cool Iced tea and you take a break. We don’t need to speak we just enjoy each others company. I look around at the garden and the things I want to change and I tell you. I smile because you listen attentively even though you don’t know what I am talking about. We burst out laughing when we catch onto that fact.

You are my sun and moon and the stars in my eyes.

And so night comes in and we go to bed. You pull me into you, holding me safe from my nightmares. You don’t even care if my hair tickles your nose. Well you have a break from that for a while to come. Skin on skin, touch and touching. No need for eyes now.

I love you.



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