Mmmmm we often do.


Ok it’s weird but I still love it.


This is what fear does to me. When my fears over run my mind it takes my heart away. Thankfully Sir doesn’t let me dwell there.



Ok this is twilight but I love the song.


I think we all feel this way at times.


I love this song even though it is sad.


This lady died of cancer just as she was about to hit the big time. Look out for her covers on line.


This lady is just sassy and I love her.


I just love this man’s voice.


Yes I know this is a Voice Blind Audition but I have a big girl crush on her, plus she can sing,

No hidden messages I just love the song


This lady is inspirational !


I would love for Sir to sing this to me ….. hint, hint, hint.


This is about my man…



Pink’s cover

The original



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4 Comments on “Music

      • I’m good thank you! Hope you’re doing okay too! 😀

        My taste in music includes a variety of things as well, no worries!! LoL I’m more about the lyrics than the genre … *wink* It tends to be pretty eclectic. *grin* Love Rag’N Bone Man, he gets pretty dark sometimes though.


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