This post will require the reader to dig into their imagination, to journey along with me to understand my vision for this flight of fancy.

Picture this… a road of brightly lit shop windows in the 1800’s. It looks slightly Dickensian and lets make it a Christmas theme as Christmas is a joyful time. (Okay that is maybe not quite so true. Use your imagination.) There are old fashioned lamps along the road. Why not go the whole hog and have horse and carriages? Hey why not? It IS my vision.

I can see the hundreds of happy shoppers, pressing their noses up against the window panes. The pavement is wide and there are throngs of eager shoppers. Each person points excitedly and you can see the ‘I want that’ look on their faces, as they point to each tableau inside the shop.

I am holding Sir’s hand, almost pulling him along excitedly, eager to view the first window. We take our place and inside the window is a naked girl. She is kneeling with her butt on her heels, her hands on her knees palms up. Her head is bent in supplication. I see the placard ‘Submissive’ over this picture of perfect submission. I look back at Sir and I say this is me! He smiles at me, that smile that is telling me, ‘keep going you will get it in the end.’

The next window shows a picture of bondage. A girl is in ropes that wind around her and suspends her from the ceiling. The vision is stunning and makes my stomach clench. Yes, yes this is me. The placard says ‘rope bunny’. Without a doubt I am one of those. I look at Sir and I am so happy and excited. Remember this is Christmas and I am like a kid.

The next window shows a female being spanked over her Dom’s knees. Her ass is cherry red and tears are flowing down her face. Oh I really like this one and I glimpse at Sir and that damned inscrutable smile is looking down at me. There is something on his mind but in his normal way he doesn’t tell me, he waits for me to learn it.

On and on, up and down the street, twice. Pressing my nose against that many windows it is getting numb. I am past aroused, I am very confused and trying to recall everything I saw but it has all blurred together. I turn around and Sir leads me to a quiet bench and we sit down.

‘Did you sort everything out now kitten?’ He asks softly.

I just have a blurred mind and I shake my head dejectedly.

Sir lifts up my chin and turns me to face him. I look in his eyes and they are filled with fire. In his eyes I see everything I am, all the things I will be and all I bring to him. I no longer needed to look elsewhere for answers.

My whole world is in His eyes.



Your comments are appreciated.

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2 Comments on “Window Shopping

  1. Yes! YES!! This is beautiful.. perfect explanation. My heart, oh!! That you have that, it soars! Let him build you into the woman you were always meant to be.


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